Someone Needs To Explain This To Me

bank headquarters

If you’ve read this blog any length of time you know I’m a supporter of the president and administration. We part temporarily right now.

What’s the deal with yesterday’s ‘takedown’ of Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Barclays, UBS and Royal Bank of Scotland? They all pleaded guilty to rigging foreign currency markets.

It’s stuff you don’t usually think about. It affects you through mortgage and credit card interest rates plus a bunch of other fees and charges. We were being swindled.



This is organized crime in the 21st Century. This is how people rob and steal. No one will go to jail. $5.6 Billion in fines. No one will serve time.

I am flabbergasted. I am enraged. As long as no one is held accountable it will continue.

2 thoughts on “Someone Needs To Explain This To Me”

  1. Why limit your Obama concert to that financial issue. There are a lot more issues – ala Fast/ Furious, Benghazi etc – where no one is in Jail

  2. White collar crime is alive and well in America… seems if you’ve got enough money, you can almost get away with anything in this country, and I agree that this IS Organized Crime today….it’s a shame, but true to a large extent. Any wonder why cynicism runs rampant here.

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