Here They Come


Trudi and Jeff arrive tomorrow morning. That’s my sister Trudi and brother-in-law (and serial first name misspeller) Jeff. They’re heading here from Milwaukee.

I believe they’d like both their phones placed in a Faraday cage for the duration. They want to be off-the-grid.

Guests here means prep. The carpet cleaner was in this morning. It’s 10:00 PM. The carpets are still a little damp.

Helaine has been baking the past few days. Cookies and muffins and other treats. We’re well stocked. No one will go hungry.

Anything that could be vacuumed or swept has been vacuumed or swept. Helaine even added a few new plants.

We’ve found more people visit us in California than Connecticut. Maybe we’re more personable now?


3 thoughts on “Here They Come”

  1. I’d call it “more laid back” amid the South Pacific breezes – sorta like – balmy & nice feel – lurin’ the disenchanted to become enchanted…CT is still unyielding to anything open and free living – perhaps – it’s the chillin’ effects of THE QUEEN’S FORCE OF WINDS?

  2. Hamden is not much for scenery, as far as I can tell, unless one is visiting in the fall. And, your weather and views are always great—and its not a bad hop to the ocean, or Disneyland, etc. As much as I love CT—its a long haul to anything comparatively entertaining! Have fun entertaining and best of all, being with family.

  3. CA is nice in some areas…but I don’t know about the “laid back” thing in CA – lol. With the horrendous traffic, overcrowed freeways, pollution, and high stress of making a living in a high cost area, the “laid back” thing is far from true.

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