Hello Blanca


This is sort of weird. Unexpected. Here I am working in Palm Springs, but in my second week talking about a hurricane. Tuesday we get a little touch of Blanca… the ragged little blob of moisture that remains.

Rain is VERY unusual in Palm Springs in June. Since 1893 the greatest rainfall ever on June 8th was a trace! We’ll get some today.

I’ve been looking at the HRRR for the past few runs. We won’t get a lot of rain, but it will be humid and in the low 90s. A very East Coast kind of day in the desert.

I’ve felt pretty confident watching Blanca. I’ve tracked a lot of hurricanes. This one imploded like it was stuck with a pin.

One thought on “Hello Blanca”

  1. What always shocked me more (until I was told by someone in Yuma), is that there is a seasonal summer monsoon in the desert?

    When most Americans hear the word “monsoon”, they think only Florida has a two season rainfall pattern (dry winters and wet summers) . I don’t know if the summer monsoon affects areas as far west as the CA deserts, I think it’s more an AZ and NM thing. Even though the Southwest monsoon does not produce a lot of rain, there is seasonal reversal of wind just like a real monsoon.

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