On The Phone With My Dad

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I just got off the phone with my dad. It was the perfect time to call, right after a visit from all three great grandchildren. Yes, his daughter and both granddaughters were there, but they no longer count. Sorry.

After Judah was born my parents would often talk about their great grandchild. Having great grandchildren is a badge of honor at the condo in Florida where they lived.

“I called now because I knew you’d be in a great mood,” I said after he answered the phone then pulled his hearing aid so he could actually hear.

“I’m always in a good mood,” was his reply.

He is. But there’s something extra special about a visit from the three little ones.

There’s been extra contact recently as my dad is considering a heart valve procedure. Any surgery at 89 is dicey, heart surgery especially. His leaky valve, a ticking time bomb, is limiting his short term stamina. It’s a problem he’d like fixed.

There’s a new procedure specifically for high risk patients like my dad. Less invasive. Less physical stress.

He and my sister will be seeing a physician for a consultation in August. August! It must be popular surgery.

Hopefully this story has a happy ending. In the meantime it’s nice to hear my father is anxious to extend his life. He really is always in a good mood.

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  1. Yes your right surgery at that age can be but there is that new procedure they don’t have to open the chest they go through the ribs faster recovery too safer in older patient as well. But the biggest thing is with these three great grandkids he has a reason to go on THAT is huge in recovery I saw a interview with Dr Oz who works in the hospital my late husband had surgery 1998 (he died due to complications of marfans syndrome) he asks his patients a lot of personal questions and asks who’s in there lives what relationships do they have because he has found those with good relationships and support systems reasons to live do the best. Your dad obviously has that with you your sister and grand and great grand children. I’m sure he will seek the best medical advise and will do well. Will keep him in my prayers for all to go well. As just a grand parent I can say my three grandsons (so far) they are my life I am a proud nana and they bring me so much joy I understand his very good mood! And reason to want to have this surgery to keep him going as long as possible !

  2. Love your Dad! I wish him all the best as he makes his decision. My Grandma had 2 surgeries– one at 89 and cataracts at 93– she missed her 100th bday by 72 days from pneumonia but never regretted her medical interventions to keep her young. Do your research and a 2nd opinion never hurts! Please give him my best!❤️

  3. Geoff,

    My mother-in-law had heart valve replacement surgery at 90 years young, and with great success. She is 96 now and is like the Energizer Bunny……she continues to be fantastic and just keeps going, and going and going……….Best of luck for your Dad as well.

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