The Republican’s Dilemma

I think I’ve figured out the Republican Party’s dilemma. There really isn’t a single party as much as there’s a coalition. For years pro-business forces have teamed with religious voters. It’s mainly worked.

Now the pro-business and religious wings are at each other’s throats. Both sides have baggage the other doesn’t want.

It will be interesting to see what shakes out August 6th, the first Republican presidential debate. Candidates who’ve tried to remain quiet will be forced to deal with this weird political diversity.

2 thoughts on “The Republican’s Dilemma”

  1. It’s a WIN WIN for the Republican Party this time round. Obama has orchestrated a devious HATEFUL agenda in America NEVER witnessed EVER & now the PIPER must be paid – that is EXCHANGE the WH holder from DEM 2 Republican READLESS/NO MATTER who it is. And, that I as a republican wholeheartedly SUPPORT this July 4th wknd.

  2. Geoff,

    I agree with you and Chris Matthew’s characterization of the current Republican field of candidates as the “Republican Clown Car”! The roster is replete with an abundance Presidential “wanna be’s” with the lead Clown of Donald Trump being the most ridiculous!! In their seemingly unrestrained and growing field of “pretenders”, I believe that in reality, there are probably only 4 genuine and viable candidates who even possess the credentials necessary for any sort of serious consideration. As you have so adroitly signaled, the first Republican Presidential Debate, will most certainly be entertaining, and at the very least, be appointment and “must see TV”!! Be sure to set your DVR’s.

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