Back To Laguna

It was gorgeous in SoCal this afternoon. Indescribably delicious! I asked Helaine if she and Doppler wanted to drive to Laguna Beach.

Laguna Beach is 13 miles away down what starts a toll road and ends up a snaking two-lane through Laguna Canyon. It’s an artsy town, especially now with the Festival of Arts underway.

Sunset is just after eight. We were there.








4 thoughts on “Back To Laguna”

  1. Each time I was in CA and saw the sunset over the ocean I loved it…

    Each time I’ve seen the sun rise over the tropical Atlantic over Miami I loved it…

    I can’t decide what I love more LOL.

    Is there anywhere I can move that has both sunrise and sunset over the ocean – LOL

  2. Beautiful Geoff, I’d like that video somewhere where I could watch it ad lib. It would sure calm the nerves. You have such great talent.
    To Mark—up on Cape Cod—Mass. Province Town—you can get both Sunrise and Sunset. We could get it also on the North Shore of Long Island—I’m just not up that early—unless I am just going to bed.

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