The Swiss Army Knife Of Weather

Some of you are weather weenies. Have I got a toy for you. It’s called BUFKIT. It’s the Swiss Army Knife of weather! And, it’s free.

It’s called BUFKIT because it’s a forecaster’s toolkit invented for snow forecasting in Buffalo. The author is an NWS meteorologist.

Maps can show you one, or a few, parameters for many places at a specific time. BUFKIT shows you many parameters for one place over a period of time.

Permission granted to reread that.

It is one of the first things I look at when I begin to formulate a forecast.

Here are a few BUFKIT readouts. The first two are all the same parameters for Palm Springs, CA and Hartford, CT.

Screenshot-KPSP - GFS3 - BUFKIT Overview

Screenshot-KBDL - GFS3 - BUFKIT Overview

Here’s a wind speed profile for Palm Springs

Screenshot-KPSP - GFS3 - BUFKIT Overview-1

This last one is precipitable water (the line) and relative humidity of the atmosphere by height at Palm Springs. The graphs all read right-to-left, so the rise in humidity and precipitable water midweek is on the far left.

Screenshot-KBDL - GFS3 - BUFKIT Overview-1

Have fun.

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