My Last Night With Jon Stewart


I didn’t watch from Day One. I wasn’t impressed by his MTV or movie work. Jon Stewart was an acquired taste for me.

Once I started watching I was hooked! The Daily Show was on my DVR every night, the first thing I watched after the news.

He was liberal, sure. He was also smart and quick and funny and a mensch. He didn’t need to take people out-of-context or twist their words into a pretzel to make a point.

He was the master at finding politically motivated flip floppers and pundits with double standards.

He launched careers. He shared credit. He nurtured.

At the 2005 Emmys he said,

”When I first said that I wanted to put together a late-night comedy-writing team that would only be 80 percent Ivy League-educated Jews, people thought I was crazy. They said you need 90, 95 percent. But we proved ‘em wrong.”

He was my late night companion and I will miss him greatly. He was TV’s class act.

Maybe I’m a little jealous too. He went out on top on his own terms. Who gets to do that?

2 thoughts on “My Last Night With Jon Stewart”

  1. I thought Jon Stewart was funny in his earlier days, but somehow he got lost in the perfect storm. Perhaps, his anger over people take on issues of day spiked him into acting outrageously peculiar – although his interviews were ok. He wasn’t the Johnny Carson or Bob Hope – but satire today has taken a different twist especially on social media channels. Pundits now have a tough agenda today given the politically correct checkers.

  2. I, too, came to find Jon Stewart well into his run, and I, too, spent Monday-Thursday evenings with him. There will never be another, and the void he left will likely never be completely filled. I wonder if he knows that.

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