The Nebraska Meteorologist


I built my home studio with the thought of servicing multiple stations. So far I’ve been limited to KMIR, but within the next few weeks I’ll also be the meteorologist for News Channel Nebraska’s first station in Norfolk. There are three more Nebraska stations on the way.

These are really small markets. Actually, that’s the real payoff! I’ll be providing a service to people who’ve never before been anyone’s target audience.

Today Norfolk’s local TV comes from Sioux City, IA. Nebraskans are not their main concern. We’ll change that.

The whole concept comes from Mike Flood, who owns a few local radio stations and has a good sense of what’s needed. This is his baby. It’s been a while since I worked for someone who could make decisions on-their-own.

I’ve spent the past few days ‘driving’ around Madison County and environs courtesy of Google Maps. I’ve also been studying up on some severe weather skills I haven’t thought about much since I left school.

It’s amazing what you can do from your garage if you set your mind to it. More as we draw closer.

13 thoughts on “The Nebraska Meteorologist”

  1. Geoff when will you be doing this for CT. You already know the state. It would be easy for you and a lot a people here would be very happy.

  2. Geoff,
    Ditto to Sue’s comment!!!!!! To have you back in CT via your garage, or any other way,
    would be just what Connecticut has missed since you
    left-you giving us your insightful weather forecasts and added info, as only you can do!!

  3. That’s fantastic news – it’s just another cool thing about technology too! That you get to read the weather conditions in California from your equipment and produce the weather for other states. It’s just way, way cool. Congratulations Geoff.

  4. Geoff, please add northeastern CT to your garage list. This area is always ignored, except by Gil Simmons! We miss you and need you!

  5. Oh!Geoff we need “The Connecticut Meteorologist”. There’s a hurricane a brewing in the Atlantic and we need your expertise!

  6. Geoff, except for Gil, the News8 meteorologists have no personality whatsoever! You left a really big hole here with your departure, and so far noone has been able to fill it!

  7. Jim-no one EVER will. Geoff, cares about people, it is
    not a job to him. He educates and is one of a kind. He
    will be remembered along with Dr. Mel as someone much
    much more than a Weathercaster!!!!

  8. I guess I am just technology ignorant. What you are planning to do is great, but what happens if you are in the midst of a weather alert in Iowa/Nebraska,etc., and it is time for you to doing the weather in Palm Desert??–or like Friday, you end up actually being in P.D and are also on schedule for the other station.Like I said–I’m technologically deprived.

  9. Living in Colorado, I had a few friends from Nebraska, and OH YEAH they have some weather there!! Exciting further testing of your weather from home/studio concept, and also for those folks in Nebraska. You really have to keep your eye on weather there because it can change in an instant. Nebraska Oklahoma Missouri… all crazy weather places! Have fun!

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