Visitors From The South


Kristen Cusato, whom I worked with a WTNH, is in San Diego now. This evening she drove up with Dave Scott, KUSI’s weekend weather guy. They wanted to see my studio.

Don’t get me wrong. I wanted them to see it too.

It’s my studio. I work there every day. It’s my norm.

To them, this was something amazingly different. They’d heard my studio described, but until they saw it, visualizing it was tough.

Am I allowed to say they were blown away? They were.

Like pretty much everyone who sees the studio, they immediately understood all the things it could do.

I’m not an employee anymore. I’m a content producer and there’s plenty of content to be produced from home!







5 thoughts on “Visitors From The South”

  1. Hi Geoff. Something I never really thought about until I saw your last picture and that is shadows on the chroma key. I’m guessing the software settings must be broad enough to include the darker shadows. Is there built in compensation for the darker shadows? Great pictures of your studio.

  2. Great pix of you two!!!!!!!! Great to see Kristin again too!!!!! Hope She knows CT
    misses her too!!!!!!!! Seems like or favorites have
    gone west over the years, but you both still look
    terrific and cannot help but wish, if we cannot get you
    back here, at least we could get your feed covering CT!!!!!!!!

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