It’s Mission Control



My studio produces some beautiful video. But, to see it… that’s another story.

The studio was built by me and there were lots of guesses made. That included my desk. On it sat nearly all my equipment. Terrible choice.

It looked like Uncle Ernie’s basement ham radio ‘shack.’

I asked my design team, Helaine and Stef, to find an “L” shaped desk. More space was the goal.

They came home smiling. Actually, more grinning.

“Mission Control, Greg.” That’s all Stef would say.

She and Helaine had gone to a new and used office furniture store and found a huge “U” shaped desk. My guess is it was so big they couldn’t get rid of it. It was a steal to be delivered Saturday morning.

I spent much of Friday night dismantling my studio. A new desk meant starting over. That’s not all bad news. I’ve caught on to how all the pieces fit. Equipment can be placed in a more logical fashion.

The desk is immense and perfect!

All the equipment is plugged in and turned on. Nearly all the wires are out-of-sight. Five monitors sit on the desk.

Everything works!

Stef was right. Mission Control!





7 thoughts on “It’s Mission Control”

  1. Roxie seems to approve! Nice Desk—wonder what classroom or studio that came out of! And how big did you say your garage was?
    On another topic–I realize that sometimes we ask invasive questions that seem reasonable to us at the time—thanks for answering what you can—I realize there are some that cannot be answered so that the world sees them. I am just amazed how much you have accomplished in less than a year and a half—or is it longer —-

  2. Hi Geoff! We’ve talked in the distant past. I’m a “retired” TV/Radio meteorologist,
    with an active CBM. I spoke to you many years after you left WGRZ in BUF. I believe
    that John Chandek replaced you. You then went on to WTNH, sometime after 1984?

    I read the story about how your GM wanted you available for school visits.

    Has the business gotten that ridiculous now?

    Nice setup! Very brave of you to start a new life out in the southwest, and start up
    your in home studio!

    Lots of luck with this as you expand your station roster!

    Regards! Keith E. from western NY state (Rochester area)

    Oh…do not publish please!

  3. Miss your weather forecasts out here in the desert (La Quinta, CA)!! More than anything, miss your insight and knowledge on many subjects. I learned things from you weekly (sometimes daily).

    Cool to hear how you’re able to do the weather for multiple stations in different states – good luck with everything!

  4. I enjoy your weather reports. You know they say everyone has a twin…well yours has passed away, but he looked exactly like you. I knew him in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s in Omaha, Ne. Again you are one of the best and most entertaining weathermen I have ever seen! Keep up the good work!

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