It’s All Over In Palm Springs

geoff palms out

It’s all over for me in Palm Springs. It’s been an open secret I’ve known about for a few months. Still, I’m very sad.

Friday was supposed to be my last day, instead it’s yesterday.

KMIR was an incredible opportunity to show my idea works. There’s no necessity for the meteorologist to be at the station as long as he or she cares about what they’re doing. I was on-the-air every day from my garage studio, 105 miles away.

It looked so good few knew and no one cared. Am I allowed to say it felt like my best work?

A few months ago a new general manager came to the station. He made it clear his biggest weather goal was to have someone “who would visit kindergartens.”

I was offered the job, if I’d move. I said I’d prefer to complete the deal I already had. They terminated my contract.

They are allowed to do that. Cancellation was built in should my plan be technically unfeasible. What they did was OK by the letter, not the spirit.

I very much enjoyed working for KMIR. More so, I REALLY love what the Coachella Valley is. It is unlike any other place I’ve worked. An unusual mix of people drawn together. It’s wonderful.

A manager told me there’s been a steady stream of calls and emails since my replacement was announced. They wanted to know if I’d be permitted to stay.

I’ve been in the market less than a year. He was surprised. I was gratified.

I assume more will call Monday when this becomes clear.

It’s on to Nebraska, where we’ll have four stations before the end of the year and I’ll have lots of weather to forecast. They get lots of weather in Nebraska.

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  1. Sorry to hear this news because it seemed this was a happy situation for you. Unfortunately when you work for someone else, you have no control of your future. If you can add a few more accounts like your Nebraska account, then you will not be so exposed if one account terminates.

  2. Sorry to hear this Geoff, but forecasting the weather in Ca. looked awfully boring, same old same old day after day. I think Nebraska is going to keep you busy! just like Ct did. Best wishes

  3. Sorry you have to move again. I was so surprised to see your post, but not surprised of the reaction of the viewers. I moved to Florida from the Connecticut shoreline 21 years ago and no one, I mean, no one even comes close to doing a weather forecast they way you do with the level of competence. It was always very clear how much you enjoy what you do. Wish you would consider coming down to the West Palm Beach market. Miss not seeing you doing the weather.
    Good luck to you in Nebraska. Please keep up posted.

  4. Geoff,

    Sorry to hear about this! I hope you just take it as a learning experience with your new set-up. It wasn’t actually you but the new manager just wanted someone hands on and local.You know whenever a new manager comes in they want to implement their own ideas and make the place their own and lots of people end up having to move on. I dont blame you for not wanting to move. I am sure you will only move onward and upward! Good luck on the Nebraska stuff. It will probably be alot more interesting and less boring weather wise anyway 🙂

  5. We lived off Shepard Ave in Hamden on Apple Tree Lane until moving to Cheshire 6 yrs ago. Your idea for reporting weather sounds creative and given technology today, doable from your garage. Of course, Dr Mel would suggest we just look out the window to check on the weather now! Maybe you can return to Channel 8, WTNH from your O.C. Garage. They have gone through many, many weather folks since you left. Unless they would want you to visit kindergartens… It has been fun and informative to follow your emails. Go Nebraska and other states/places in your future weather broadcasting! Continued best wishes.
    Ruth Knollmueller

  6. Just triggered a LONG forgotten bit from the way back file cabinet in my brain. You visited our school in Milford, CT when i was in grammar school…so at least 25 years ago. wow. i totally forgot about that! thanks for reminding me! haha

  7. Well, their loss for the New Year. We still miss you back here in CT and your skills will be put to better use in Nebraska forecasting. Hope your dad is doing well. Best wishes from New Hartford.

  8. They have lost a good man and an excellent weather forecaster. If you are doing Nebraska from your garage I like to think maybe there’s a chance to do Connecticut from your garage as well.

  9. So sorry Geoff. I was totally blown away at what you created
    In your garage! You’ve always been ahead of the rest of
    the pack. Keep doing what you do so well. Be true to yourself
    and live that passion. It will never let you down.
    Thanks for always making us feel like you’re talking to
    each and every one of us. We love being part of your
    world wherever your travels may take you.
    God Bless

  10. I’m so sorry Geoff, I too, am one of many CT fans who miss you dearly, and wish that things never happened the way they did here. And so it seems it’s happening all over again, when you 1st announced your new job out in CA, I was so happy for you, thinking that you had your dream home and family and you can finally let things fall into place. I truly hope your next station will become a permanent home for you, because we all know you deserve it, you’ve been treated so unfairly for so long, and I hope that this will be the perfect fit. I truly feel so horrible for you, as if I’m learning my best friend has lost a job, and it’s because I grew up watching you, (I’m 34) so it does effect me. I hope the new state brings you lots of excitement, and keeps you on your toes because we all know here in CT the more action packed the weather was, the more you enjoyed doing your job. The station that gets you next, I hope they realize what a wonderful person they are about to receive, and how amazing of a meteorologist they will have working for them. Please continue to keep us updated, my thoughts will continue to be with your family, and best wishes to you!

    1. Yes great post Toni! We still miss you here in CT. I wish one of the networks would offer you something here. It’s an avoid in weather reports without you here. I still miss the “Don’t go to sleep yet!”

  11. Hi Geoff, Sad to hear that the door at KMIR has been closed but glad that one has opened for you in Nebraska. Will those of us still craving any forcast from you back here in CT be able to watch you and if so how? That new “mission control” desk is quite a whopper. Helaine and Stef are great hunters! 🙂

  12. Geoff, your remote setup is the way to go. That is the future as people cut the cables and more and more stations run into cost cutting. Best of luck, and try to link up with some of the more remote TV stations.

  13. Geoff, I’m so sorry to hear about KMIR – their loss IMO. Instead of Nebraska come back to CT — we NEED you! There’s so much new blood on TV and honestly NO ONE will ever compete with your honest forecasts and personality. All the best of luck – keep us posted.

  14. It sure didn’t take KMIR long to cut your picture from their line-up—-guess I don’t need to keep them bookmarked any more. I never did catch any of your weather reports from there, but it was interesting to be able to read their local news. Did they ever get the “flooding rains” on Tuesday that they predicted?
    Did you have to drive in to sign “out”, or did they do that–remotely, too. Didn’t you say, at the start, that someone else had the job before you, but moved on? The good thing is that it gave you the start of building your own remote studio, and look how you have been able to expand that. Looking forward to hear more of your adventures. At least this time, you didn’t have to pack up the house and move again. I hope all continues to go well for your dad—keep us posted.

  15. Ahhh Geoff – not an easy business is it? Their loss. I,too, think Nebraska will be far more interesting to forecast anyway. And who knows what other doors may open? Like so many others I’m hoping that somehow, someday you’ll be able to forecast CT weather again. We don’t even bother to carry local channels anymore. Best wishes to you. Keeping your Dad in my prayers.

  16. OK – I am pretty sure you have seen my letter to KMIR and their response, by now. They never said anything about visiting Kindergartens … only that when there was a major weather event here (yeah right – it doesn’t happen very often) – you would not be here to experience it in person. I can guarantee that you 105 miles away would care more and report the event more thoroughly and with more passion than most of the weather forecasters who actually DO live here in the desert. Besides – if they want you to visit kindergartens, it is NOT too far to drive here for a day or two from Irvine! Just my 2 cents – you KNOW I’ll miss you! Aloha, Dee

  17. Well at least you’re young enough (!) to be flexible and have another job lined up!

    That stinks Geoff. It never ceased to amaze me how thoughtless people can be in the outworking of their jobs. You got screwed but a good man bounces back and you’ve done that many times.

    I understand they have a lot of corn in Nebraska as well as weather so your jokes will fit right in. 🙂 And what a nice place to retire one day!

    Best wishes.

  18. THEIR LOSS!! I hate it when someone comes in and thinks (he or she) has to have their fingerprints on things so they make changes……..ugh….You are great to watch and love those Doppler visits! I am sure they will hear far and wide from their viewers about this………Good Luck in Nebraska, altho I know you don’t need luck – you’re great.

  19. When I read your post, Geoff, I felt as if I had just been let go. My last and final termination from radio happened soon after a management change too. Thank goodness your idea for the new Nebraska TV stations clearly has strong legs! I know you’ll be successful building that into multiple markets and clients, so the loss of one won’t sting quite as much. You go, guy!

  20. The way you do the weather is very special. You are missed here in CT. New opportunities will present, and you will doing what love, and are passionate about at some other station that will appreciate your talent.
    Scott. AA1WM

  21. Geoff, Chrissy and I are so sorry to hear this news. One of the nice things about leaving CT for the Coachella Valley of CA for the winter was a chance to watch your weather forecasts. Nobody does weather like you!!!

  22. So sorry to hear it Geoff. But at least you still have Nebraska. Maybe you can start long-distance weather reporting for CT as well. I’m sure your fans HERE wouldn’t mind…..

  23. Geoff,

    Another example of a bad decision by an out-of-touch, incompetent member of management. Corporate America is rife with these poor, myopic, self-indulgent, bombastic decision makers. They are blinded by their own sense of self importance and are completely out of touch with their employees, their constituencies, and in your field,…..their viewers.
    I’m not really one for cliches, but in this case perhaps it’s appropriate to say that, “When one door closes…..another opens up.” To borrow yet another one, which is probably most appropriate in my field…”God speed Geoff Fox.”

  24. Just to add to what others have said about the “market” aspect of these types of decisions:

    Two people that I casually know are in the weather business ….and they’ve both had a rocky road. They repeatedly have said that marketing decisions are what rule, and weather can be tough to market half the year (April through October) for many areas of the USA. I can only imagine that in the places with stable, sunny weather (Florida, California, Arizona, etc.) trying to keep an engaged viewing base for the weather is nearly impossible. Even here on the East Coast, below Boston, most people really only get serious about checking the local weather in the cold season (December through March).
    My guess is if you stick to the northern tier (Mt. West, Northern Great Plains, Midwest, upper East Coast) where the seasons change quicker, road hazards (snow, Ice) last longer, you’ll find a much stronger market for up-to-date weather.

  25. Geoff,

    I live in La Quinta and have thoroughly enjoyed your weather segments on KMIR. You brought a refreshing, intelligent, witty approach to our humble little Coachella valley market. When they started running the incessant “I made the switch.” promos on said station, I kind of figured the writing was on the wall. How sad they opted for ho hum bleach blond over smart and witty. It must have gotten boring for you after a while though “HOT AND SUNNY” and “MORE HOT AND SUNNY.” Your talent belongs in a place where they actually have WEATHER. Good luck on your next adventure!
    -Chris J

  26. Well we switched over to KMIR after 2 & 3 became absurd. We stayed because you came along and made the station jump. Now I hope this does not herald more changes (Gino). Now it is back to the 2 option at least they follow up with Scott.
    Best of luck don’t think you need it.

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