We Don’t Have Everything Here In California

Sand Canyon Avenue  Irvine  CA 1   Google MapsI am older than the city I live in. Let that sink in for a minute.

Irvine’s expanding at a rapid pace. Four years ago an avocado orchard stood where I sit.

We have all the conveniences of a modern city. It’s built for the way people live now, not the 1600s.

On the other hand, it is homogenized. It’s very pretty. There is little charm.

Nearly every store is part of a chain. You can’t find a Lenny’s Indian Neck, Sergio’s, Greek Olive, Glenwood or Ray and Mike’s Deli.

strawberry field irvine aerialEach is totally unique. Each is one of-a-kind. That’s the exception here.

Year’s ago I wrote how there would never be another Todd Street, the scarily meandering two lane road that climbed up into Mount Carmel near our home. Irvine is a perfect example of that prophecy.

Our streets are straight. Our intersections perpendicular. No driveways on main roads.

It’s all green and manicured. It would be better with roast beef on rye, sliced fresh and served with conversation.

2 thoughts on “We Don’t Have Everything Here In California”

  1. When I lived in Palmdale, I took a ride to Temecula. Along the way I noticed cross streets that led to absolutely nowhere. I looked to my right and there was a road with a name which came to a sudden stop meeting the desert. I’m assuming that land might be occupied by now since that was 10 years ago. I believe California lives by the slogan “build and they will come.”

  2. I totally agree that todays developed areas lack the character of the old cities/towns in the USA. If one wants to feel an authentic character in the way Santa Fe, Savannah, Newport,…etc are… they have to look hard in modern day America.

    What is so ironic from a natural environmental standpoint…that look of “green and manicured” is so totally at odds with the climatic nature of the arid West. I’ll never forget the first images I had driving from Las Vegas toward San Bernardino – a odd patchwork of engineered sod and instant landscapes with green grass and palms in the home developments. It looked so unnatural and fake. There is a reason Florida is the only state with native palm trees.

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