Joaquin Gets No Commitment From Me


On the GFS, Joaquin jogs right-left-right. I’m not sure I’ve seen that before. I’m wary of things I’ve never seen.

The path is less than certain. No one’s sure if the computers have latched on to the right solution. I certainly don’t know.

The forecast tracks have varied widely day-to-day. There have been complaints raised about poor model initialization.

We live and die by computers. Without good data we’re screwed.

Four paragraphs gone and no commitment from me. Seriously, this storm is baffling.

If you believe the GFS you believe Joaquin will miss the East Coast. I prefer waiting a little longer before sounding the all clear.

4 thoughts on “Joaquin Gets No Commitment From Me”

  1. Just wondering about man made stuff that can influence the tracking keeping in mind that seeding dry ice into existing clouds can make it rain, which was intimated during Dwight D. Eisenhower’s administration. Are there programs to influence storms other than nature?

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