I Spoke To My Dad

12096355_1081310728547192_6818768067160338363_nI finally got a chance to speak to my dad Wednesday afternoon. No phones in ICU. He’s in general population now… or is that just a prison term?

The last time we spoke was Sunday night. There was fear in his voice just before his operation. We both knew the surgery could mean kidney failure, stroke or even death.

I ended that call saying, “I love you, Daddy.” He cried. I cried too. There was the unspoken realization this might be our last conversation.

Today, he’s on the comeback trail. A leaky, partially blocked heart valve replaced. More oxygenated blood should fix his shortness of breath and a host of related problems.

As far as I can tell, he’s now on track to live forever!

He’ll need physical therapy. Between heart problems and sciatica my father spent most of his time sitting. He needs to walk and rebuild.

My dad turns 90 in a few weeks. His goals are age appropriate. There’s a lot he can still do and wants to do. He’s plenty sharp.

Stef and her Cousin Melissa are anxious to take grandpa to Costco. Is there any better reason to get in shape?

Hopefully he’ll be well enough soon enough to exit Wisconsin for a little SoCal therapy this winter. That would be nice.

11 thoughts on “I Spoke To My Dad”

  1. Geoff this is wonderful news!!!!!! I pray for many trips to Cali and Costco!!!! If I could I would hug you all!!! Tears of joy!!!!!

  2. Geoff, I’ve been praying very hard for your dad. So glad he’s doing well! I’m looking forward to SoCal photos and a new video joke in no time! Send him love from Danbury CT!

  3. So glad to hear this!!! Wishing him well on the rest of his road to recovery, and to you too — I know just how stressful this is, especially from afar.

  4. Geoff, what better news could there be???!!!!! He
    looks so good and happy and ready to enjoy his
    new healthy life!!!!!!! Costco, California or whatever his wishes might be-
    Bless him and may he enjoy his whole new life!!!!

  5. Geoff,
    Thank You. I have been waiting(not so patiently)for news, knowing that the surgery was Monday. Having gone through cardiac bypass surgery 15 yrs ago (at age 65) plus being a nurse, I knew what he would go through. When I saw that you were posting your regular blogs, I figured things were going well. I knew if otherwise, or the procedure got cancelled, you would have said so. He’ll be getting cardiopulmonary rehab once he gets stronger but understand, getting back to full strength might take a while. He might have to be cleared for making the flight and may not be able to handle the travel (first time)alone. But he has the will power and attitude and all of our prayers backing him.

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