Another Video Experiment


While working in Palm Springs I used an expensive Dejero VSET Live to send my video to them. My daily weathercasts to Nebraska are recorded. Neither filmed nor taped, they’re written to disk and uploaded as a series of files.

I’ll be live when there’s breaking weather, but how? News Channel Nebraska doesn’t have a Dejero. I’ve got nothing compatible with the live equipment they use.

Is there a cheaper way? I’m willing to sacrifice a little polish. This is for occasional use.

I found a piece of gear on a Chinese website. It is an Oupreee OPR-NH100 HD HDMI Encoder for IPTV.

Input HDMI audio/video on one side and digits for the Internet exit on the other. At least I think that’s what it does. All the product descriptions are in poorly translated Chinese.

It claims to output using two protocols NCN’s control room reads natively. Again, it’s an “I think” kinda thing. I know no one who’s used one or is familiar with its operation. I just think this is what it does.

I’ll have plenty of time to read up. Packages from China never come quick.

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