The Professor Visits

nebraska test 98

David Friedman was in the neighborhood today. I met David years ago at Yale, foolishly did a good deed and have been friends ever since.

David, like a few other my other friends, is perfect for academia. He is a professor of law at Willamette University in Oregon. He’s in nearby Costa Mesa today for an academic seminar.

I love when people who have kids visit. Look, no toys!

Helaine left what looked like a small catered business luncheon. She baked too.

I showed off the studio. David sat around as I did my 7:30 session for Nebraska.

It took me five or six takes to get through the first cut. Sometimes small changes have hidden repercussions. It was half tech problems, half performance. I’m responsible for both.

As I played one animation, he said, “Oh, you do that,” referring to my controlling every aspect of what will be seen on air.

There’s no one but me!

It was nice to see him. I hope I left a good impression.

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