Behind The Scenes In Studio5E

Behind the Scenes in Studio5E   YouTube

I’ve been fooling around with a little camera to use in my studio. With it ‘behind the action,’ today seemed like a good day to record what I do while I do it.

The two screens that dominate the photo are my TriCaster. It acts as a control room. All its actions are governed by pre-programmed macros which I fire off with a handheld remote.

Glad to answer any questions.

3 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes In Studio5E”

  1. How is it you’re so spot-on with where your hand is indicating different places on the map? I was thinking it was the monitor off to our right, which is straight ahead of you, but then you spoke to it at the end as you moved off screen. Now I’m scratching my head.
    This was fun to watch, after having seen you do it for so many years. No one has your delivery, no matter where you are!

    1. Because the camera doesn’t move, the maps occupy the same space every day. There are actually three monitors I look at. One you see in the right side of the screen. There’s another one on the left behind the foreground monitors and one in a teleprompter on the camera lens. So, I can look straight ahead and see what’s behind me!

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