Holy Crap. I’ve Become That Guy!

I took Doppler out earlier tonight. When I came back in I told Helaine how cold it was. Checking back, it was 59º.

Holy crap. I’ve become that guy! It’s only taken 2½ years.

All the live shots in the snow. Thirty years living in Buffalo, then Connecticut. And now this.

No resistance. I folded like a card table.

Yesterday when it was in the sixties, I watched a man in a puffy coat, knit cap and gloves. I’m scared that’s my destiny.

5 thoughts on “Holy Crap. I’ve Become That Guy!”

  1. Geoff, you are now officially a “Southern California Weather Wimp” in good standing. You can just imagine the horror and weird behavior around here when it rained earlier this week–my dogs absolutely refused to go out without encouragement, and hid in the house curled up on the couch from the horrid weather….and their people behaved in the same manner…

  2. Don’t feel bad…native Miami residents wear a jacket if the temp falls below 70 F. Temps in the 60’s are gloves and mitten weather (I kid you not).

  3. If it makes you feel any better, it was in the mid 50’s for Thanksgiving and I was wearing only a fleece hoody. Saturday was warm enough for me to switch jackets three times.

  4. I think that it’s not the places like Florida, Southern Cali, or Buffalo (both the warm and cold extremes) that are tough to take…but the places in the middle like Connecticut or Maryland that are worse:

    At least in Florida or parts of Cali, the steady temps are warm so much of the time, that your pattern of living such as your wardrobe, activity, gardening…etc reflect the year round mild climate. Same thing in a place like Buffalo, North Dakota, …etc, you take out the heavy clothing in early November, put away the sneakers and garden tools, and live winter for the next 4 months.

    In places in the middle like Connecticut, Maryland, parts on the interior southwest like New Mexico…etc you can never be set in anything in the winter months because the weather is all over the place. This past November here in southern Connecticut I did more work in the garden than I did in August, everyday was sunny and in the 50’s or 60’s F (we hit 70s F several times too). You can’t wear real cold season clothes because it’s just way too warm. Then after a week of wearing shorts and hoodie, one morning I got up and it plunged to 25 F in New Haven. We went for 66 to 25 F in 4 days! My brother in Maryland went from frost to beach weather inside one week.

    The first week of December looks just as crazy…sunny and 58 F one day….39 F , cloudy, and windy the next. I don’t know if I should put away the garden tools or tune up the snow blower?

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