The Doctor Said Go


For the past few months I’ve written about my dad and his potential progress in hopeful terms. I described a best case scenario. It was as much as we could hope for. We were prepared to accept less.

That’s why it’s so cool to say he’s way beyond that now!

He is ninety and getting stronger. He’s walking. He standing.

He found a wonderful woman who spends her days with him. She makes sure he’s getting out. They went to the mall. They went to Costco. She sent me video of my dad Wii bowling today.

Finding her was an incredible gift.

The Internet only goes so far. He needs human contact.

My sister took him to the doctor for a check-up today.

Which doctor? Don’t know. He sees so many. If he was playing specialist BINGO he’d have already won cash!

The question of traveling to SoCal came up. We were all scared the answer would be no. After all, being ninety itself is a health hazard.

His doctor said, “Go.” She said it would be good for him. And so he will. We are very excited.

It’s not like he has any pressing obligations, so sooner rather than later. A little California therapy is a good cure for winter.

6 thoughts on “The Doctor Said Go”

  1. God has blessed you all. I pray those blessings multiply for you.
    Kiss your father for me. Geoff, I losses my Dad in October. Miss him so very much.
    I cherish these posts of Mr Fox doing so well.

  2. Hi Geoff! I thought of your Dad last evening! There was this great Navy commercial and all the proudly serving faces. I imagined all the “sailors” in my family and then thought of that great photo of your Dad in uniform with your mom at his side. Give him a big hug from me and tell him I’m hoping for a new joke for 2015! 😀

  3. So very happy to finally hear he is coming to Californis and is doing so well!!!!!
    Have said before that this would be wonderful for him and you all since he always
    thrives when he is there. Hope he can stay a long time and everyone can enjoy
    the quality time. Perhaps this might be the place he would do best without the
    harsh weather where he is now. Tell him how happy all of us who care about him
    are for him please And great to see the pictures of him so happy and enjoying

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