They Brought Up Kissinger?

Sec_of_State_KissingerI watched parts of the debate tonight. Hillary versus Bernie. He is the only political candidate ever to sound like every friend’s father I knew growing up in Queens.

Debates are interesting, but in the end meaningless. Kennedy and Nixon fought over Quemoy and Matsu, two small islands which both China and Taiwan wanted. 55 years later nothing has changed. They’re still governed from Taipei, not Beijing.

What surprised me tonight was a real blast from the past: Henry Kissinger. There’s a guy whose only recent appearance on my radar was because he had the same surgical procedure as my dad, TAVR.

To my generation… by my friends… he was reviled. He represented everything bad about America as a superpower and interventionism.

A former boss of mine tells a story of getting into an elevator with Kissinger at CBS on West 57th. He turned and gave Kissinger a nice compliment. Out of respect he addressed him as Mr. Kissinger.

“Dr. Kissinger,” was Henry’s entire reply to the compliment.

I know he’s still around. It just surprises me anyone listens.

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