The Japan Store


~store front daiso-w800-h600

dog diapers-w800-h600

~instant boobs-w800-h600



“After dinner,” began Stef in a voice that every parent recognizes from their child, “could we stop at the Japan store?”

Japan store? Qu’est-ce que c’est Japan store?

It seemed Stef was looking more for an experience than a shopping adventure. It turned out to be both.

Daiso is the store’s official name. Daiso is a chain. We went to the one in Lake Forest, next city south.

The store is garishly lit with highly reflective floors. It is like a dollar store, except (nearly) everything costs $1.50 and has some Japanese connection.

You don’t often see dried Japanese fish vacuum packed and hung on a hook… or dog diapers… or fake boobs!

I went home with a few whiteboards and five small wall clocks for the studio.

It’s an experience.

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