Harold Fox: Held Over Three Days Only

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My dad’s still in the hospital. His spirits are high and he’s responding well to treatment.

He’s ninety. Stuff happens faster. Not everything works as well as it once did.

The diagnosis: Bronchitis. If you look online it’s pretty simple stuff. Not for my father.

Breathing is more difficult and his stamina has suffered greatly. He is being treated with steroids to reduce the swelling.

The tl:dr is–probably out Wednesday. He’ll receive therapy to help him regain his mobility. Once he’s breathing normally everything should come back. He is very motivated and this will only strengthen his resolve.

We speak every day. His voice has gotten stronger. I hear him smile.

He’s not unhappy being in the hospital. Staff he’s met on previous visits have come by to say hello. You know that makes him feel good. And he’s got a constant flow of ‘company’ coming to his room.

Our family is always concerned about my dad, but we’re not worried. A mere speed bump.

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  1. Tough time in life. We can’t the ol’ clock from ticking. I’m 72 and it seems the time is flying by fast the olde I get. I hope everything goes well with yer pop. It’s good you keep in touch with him. So many don’t or won’t and some can’t due to a family dissagreement that seems so trivial. I’m blessed with a family that for the most part are close. I enjoy my times with the kids. I take plenty of pictures and hope they enjoy them. I share on dropbox. Hoping for a good outcome with dad.

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