Too Early To Write The Obit?

Who wants to live in a Trump named building now? Ah, sweet schadenfreude.


Back in May I begged Donald Trump to run for president. He seemed too outlandish to be taken seriously.

Fox News says the top 10 Republican candidates will appear in its televised debates. Quinnipiac shows Trump at number eight.

I was wrong. My bad.

As it turns out, I did get my wish. Be careful what you wish for. Our standing in the world as a modern and sophisticated nation has suffered greatly. Worse, we all overestimated the intelligence of the American electorate. Rude awakening.

I’m talking in the past tense because Trump’s campaign imploded this week. If you listened closely you could hear the air rush out.

The guy who said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue without losing votes is done. Between the Heidi Cruz pics, trying to destroy a reporter for telling the truth and Trump’s ill advised abortion ad lib… poof.

The actual poof proof will come Tuesday in Wisconsin. Oh, it will come.

This campaign has likely reduced the monetary value of the Trump name greatly. Who wants to live in a Trump named building now? Ah, sweet schadenfreude.

The Republican Party, who’ve legitimized Trump, his birtherism and other baggage, have only themselves to blame. His delegates might not win the convention. They’ll certainly affect it. It won’t be pretty.

This is not to say other politicians are pure as the driven snow. However, when the comparison is to Trump they’re positively saintly.

9 thoughts on “Too Early To Write The Obit?”

    1. Unfortunately, Al, despite Trump’s attempts to make nice with the RNC chairman, I think you will see Trump bolt to a third party bid to try and salvage his sinking ship campaign.

  1. Trump sure hurt his campaign, with his recent gaffes.

    Next we will witness the Hillary balloon pop. When the FBI properly indicts her for having HIGHLY classified documents, on a mere “Radio Shack” email server, her campaign will end. No one would vote to elect a president, whose first task would be to pardon herself.

    To me the real issue is that we have such pitiful candidates, from both parties. Surely no Reagan or JFK to choose from. That an avowed communist/ socialist could make a serious run for president – absurd!

  2. As awful as Trump is–and make no mistake, he is awful–Cruz is even worse: smarter and a True Believer, to boot. I wouldn’t let either one of them run a McDonald’s, much less the world’s most powerful country. Kasich’s only saving grace is that despite being a hard-line conservative who’d make life miserable for lots of people, he isn’t nearly as awful as these two momzers.

    As for Hillary being indicted, good luck with that. Hil haters have been predicting such an indictment for at least the last 20 years, without result. If her detractors had been subject to the same degree of scrutiny as Hillary, some significant fraction of them would be serving time.

    1. The ONLY way Hillary escapes a justifiable FBI indictment, is if Obama intervenes. That would result in a public outrage, unseen since the Nixon tapes. It is clear, even with the limited disclosure of the documents on her home brew server, that she had above Top Secret (ergo Compartmentalized) emails stored/ transmitted. Any yokel hack could have gained access to those top secrets. Clearly it would have been easy for the Chinese, Soviets etc.

      That was a crime and one that needs to be punished !!

  3. If you thought the Democratic Convention in Chicago in 1968 was a free for all, wait until the Republican Convention this summer in Cleveland.

    “Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy night”

  4. Schadenfreude….I love that word…..especially when applied to your subject.

    To quote him at his best, he said he is a man who “knows words….the best words”. I wonder how he feels about this word…..if he even knows what it means, let alone pronounce it.

  5. Six months later & major news organizations proclaim Trump winner of 1st Presidential Debate. Trump can expound upon his WH plans whereas Hillary is strapped down with Obama time line. Unprecedented campaign.

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