As A Fan Of Bernie I’m Disappointed


The headline says disappointed. Maybe embarrassed is a better word. Bernie’s characterization of Hillary Clinton being unqualified for president is just stupid… and I’m a big Bernie fan.

His point, which is valid, is she cannot be tough on those who’ve given her so much. Money corrupts politics.

If Secretary Clinton is nominated this disincentivizes his supporters from supporting her. Is that what he really wants? To weaken her in the general?

To me this isn’t so much a strike against Bernie as it’s Bernie throwing at the batter’s head. Both benches have been warned. Next one gets tossed.

Blogger’s addendum: I used the photo above because of hands. It reminds me of someone. I can’t remember who.

2 thoughts on “As A Fan Of Bernie I’m Disappointed”

  1. Geoff-His frustration is showing. He’s not a name caller, but, I am guessing that someone must have told him that to compete he must say something and this was his awkward choice. I am sorry that he felt the need to go there as it’s a there that is nowhere. It may appear that to him that he can win but to the geniuses who know this game realize that even though his fund raising has been a great success, Hillary by most accounts has the nomination in her back pocket. It’s a sad last ditch try for a mensch of a man on a mission.

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