Hey TSA. It’s Geoff.

Hey TSA –

It’s Geoff. I’ve been reading about your troubles. Passengers missing flights in record numbers because you’re understaffed. We’d be less pissed if we thought you were more valuable.

At Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina, about 600 passengers missed their flights on March 25 because an inadequate number of screeners led to waits exceeding three hours, airport officials said. Brent D. Cagle, the airport’s interim director of aviation, complained to the T.S.A., calling the episode a “fiasco.” – NY Times

It’s difficult to think you understand security when you look at me as a threat. Hell, you look at my 90 year old father as a threat. Don’t you have lists? Don’t you analyze all those proper names we’re now forced to provide?

Does knowing I’m Geoffrey, not Geoff, really help you?

How much contraband are you finding from middle aged (I’m being kind toward myself) native born Americans who’ve flown dozens of times since your formation?

In the recent past you’ve give me TSA-pre status on one leg of a trip, but not the other. Did my threat status change Saturday to Sunday?

We want to be safe. Maybe you don’t need more people. You need better techniques.

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  1. I’m a new flier. Just started last October but I’m hooked. Did the TSA pre-status on our first two flights. Opted to save the money last month. The TSA lady wasn’t pleasant and when she told me to take off my shoes and put my feet on the yellow footprints I explained I have bad hips and couldn’t quite manage my feet all the way in to the yellow marks. She took the scan anyway then pulled me out for a pat down. My husband was on the other lane laughing at me. He didn’t have to take off his shoes or get patted down but we thought maybe because he was wearing his fire fighter jacket? I laughed it off thinking a 60+ Year old nurse with bad hips is probably a credible threat.

  2. I could paste in 50 links about this, but I’ll just suggest you search “TSA useless” in Google News and they’ll all come up.

    The simple fact of the existence of the TSA Pre-Check program proves how useless the TSA is. It is security theater, nothing more.

    As a frequent domestic and international traveler, I always note how different the security is at Heathrow vs JFK. Heathrow clearly uses a profiling system combined with algorithmically random spot-checking. It is efficient and makes sense. Passengers keep their shoes on (though the laptops do need to come out). (They still do have the silly liquids thing, but I think that’s more due to pressure from the US government than anything else.) You get the sense traveling through Heathrow that there is a point to the security measures, vs at US airports where it’s clear there’s no point to any of it whatsoever.

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