Pizza And A Movie

We had dinner at Pieology. Bless me Father for I have sinned — it’s not Pepe’s. It’s not Sally’s. It’s not Sergio’s

Stef is visiting overnight. Tag, you’re the dogsitter. Helaine and I went for pizza and a movie.

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The theater is located in an immense shopping center, The Marketplace. One side is in Tustin, the other Irvine. All the stores are outward facing. There is no covered passageway. If you have multiple stops, you drive from one side to the other. Too far to walk.

We had dinner at Pieology. Bless me Father for I have sinned — it’s not Pepe’s. It’s not Sally’s. It’s not Sergio’s

my pie

pieology assembly line

pieology over

Pieology is to pizza as Chipotle is to Mexican food. Sorta kinda, not exactly. That being said, in an area with too few Italians we make do.

As you walk down the line a series of fresh faced young people assemble your individual pie. One was named Tony! Definitely Asian.

I like my sauce light–just a little. Add artichokes and pineapple. Dried tomatoes and red pepper too. Better throw on some mushrooms and a little ham.

As it went into the oven I already knew there was too much on top. It’s more a matter of logistics than taste. The slices are small and thin. The dough is one step below crispy. They’re just not made to fold in half

Please note — we’ve been here at least a half dozen times, so they must be doing something right. And they’re twenty steps from the theater.
Money-Monster-PosterWe saw Jodie Foster’s “Money Monster,” starring Clooney, Roberts and Jack O’Connell. Lee Gates (George Clooney) is Jim Cramer from CNBC. Everyone will deny it up-and-down, but he’s Jim Cramer.

Julia Roberts is Patty Fenn, the show’s director. I’m not sure why it was written this way. Considering what Fenn did and her relationship with Clooney, producer was more apropos. Too petty on my part?

O’Connell is Kyle Budwell, a package delivery driver from Queens. He followed one of Gates’ stock tips and blew his entire savings, $60,000. He enters the picture as he enters the live studio with a gun and explosive vest.

I expect great work from Cooney and Roberts and wasn’t disappointed. Jack O’Connell is new for me. I am a guy from Queens. I bought his guy from Queens. I only now see he’s from England!

I liked the movie, though it often felt as if two directors were at work. The cop characters and scenes were all two dimensional with the police portrayed as uniformly inept and the scenes shot as if this was episodic TV.

It was really nice getting out with Helaine. I enjoy her company very much. It’s fun to watch your wife watch her Phillies win (on her cellphone) while the coming attractions ran. She was quite the catch.

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  1. What a very odd set up for that shopping plaza!
    Pizza for us when we lived in California was Pizza Hut – back in late 80s / early 90s
    One of my favorite parts of working at Channel 8 was standing in engineering watching the news on the monitors. Looking forward to this movie.

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