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how to grow a pineapple on your first try   proof it works       YouTube

I grew up PI, pre-Internet. The access to information at my fingertips is intoxicating. I’m like a seventeen year old with a really good fake ID.

I have learned more skills from YouTube than any school! Nearly all my computer skills have been acquired and polished by online tutorials.

Today was a good day to ponder this. I was sitting outside wondering if I could grow a pineapple? Off to YouTube.

My first tutorial came from a much too cool guy in Key West. Easy he said. Then he showed me.

Next up a Maritime Canadian with a tat on his arm. He claimed his method was different from the others online, but he and the Floridian totally agreed.

These two guys teaching casual pineapple husbandry had a few million views. Not enough for a business, but not bad at all. When in history could a common man speak to two million?

These were not high end productions. Key West guy was shot handheld. The Canadian didn’t edit the place where he walked around to tilt the camera down. Content trumps form! And, make no mistake, this was a good learning experience from both.

Not all tuts are equal, but the good news is you can bail at any time. I appreciate non-English speakers helping in English, though I’ve turned off some videos when I couldn’t understand the speaker.

I’ve watched water skiing squirrels too, but YouTube has taught me more than any school.

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