Amazing Medical Science

imag0279There’s a scab on my wrist. It’s 1/8 to 1/4″ long. It is the only evidence I had an angioplasty!

A tube was inserted in that small incision, then a balloon down the tube and finally a stent. It was within inches of my heart. That’s the mark it left.

If that’s not magic then what the hell is?

7 thoughts on “Amazing Medical Science”

  1. It’s amazing what modern medicine can do. I had a heart attack last September after which they did an angiogram. However, they did it the old fashioned way through the femoral artery (in the groin area). I ended up with a complication from the procedure. My cardiologist was not pleased with the fact that they went in the femoral artery. I wish you good luck with all your upcoming procedures and a speedy recovery.

  2. Geoff, I’m following you and am with you all the way. Your strength and spirit will pull you through this all the way to a wonderful recovery! My best thoughts, wishes and hopes are with you from back here in good ol’ Connecticut! As you’ve written…you have already experienced your share of “magic” as you prepare for you Big Fix. Dr. Whipple himself is smiling down on you with both thumbs up!!!

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