Another Probe Down My Throat

Another procedure today. I’m losing count. Four, maybe, so far?

This one was a endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography, or ERCP. A tube was inserted down my throat then a stent placed on my bile duct to allow it to drain.

A clogged bile duct has left me with jaundice and the fear is an infection before surgery. Actually, an infection means no surgery. Today was meant to prevent that.

I’m getting used to this stuff. I schmoozed with the crew in the operatory as their prep progressed. Once the anesthesiologist placed a mask over my face (and infused with the good stuff through an IV) I was out in a few seconds.

The gastroenterologist who performed the ERCP told Helaine it went well. It’s not a simple procedure, but one he’s done loads of times. Experience rules!

I’m back home, back in pjs, back relaxing. I’ll be on-the-air in Nebraska tomorrow.

One last thing. Immigration has become a big deal in this election. My surgeon was from Iran (he said he’s Persian), anesthesiologist from Anaheim of Chinese parents. Two of my techs were Filipino, another Vietnamese. Orange County, where I live, is a melting pot.

Please don’t tell me immigrants aren’t what America is about. They are why we are great.

10 thoughts on “Another Probe Down My Throat”

  1. Geoff, Keep up the positive attitude you are doing great wish I could see you broadcasting in Nebraska.

    Immigrants are most certainly what America is about. I’m an eighth generation Yankee thanks to Dr. Henry Skilton who came to America from England settled in Watertown, CT and while here he fought in the Revolutionary War along with two other male members of this family (names of those escape me at the moment)I think that ranks me more of an American than that male candidate whose roots aren’t that far from Germany. As American as I am I will always welcome immigrants with new ideas and customs to build America stronger together.

  2. Is The blocked bile duct a result of the pancreas mass or just an added issue?
    It’s amazing what the medical field is able to do and have you back home the same day. My sister had both hips replaced in outpatient surgery within 8 weeks of each other.
    My grandfather came here in 1903 from Poland and fought in WWI “for the country that was so good to him”. He and others like him are what make America great.

  3. I just love how the doctors have done this ‘hundreds of times’. When I had my hip replacement surgery the doctor came in and said…No worries. I’m ready for this. I was up all night reading the manual.

  4. Keeping you in prayer.
    I’m only second generation American. The Doctor that saved my husband’s life was Punjab Indian. Many years ago it was Jewish Doctors everyone looked for. Doctors from these countries like India, Packistan, Philippines…the see infections native US doctors don’t know how to treat. I’ve had cellulitis which is no joke. My Indian Dr. Knew immediately what it was and what to do.

  5. We agree that immigrants have built America. We are only holding out for Legal Immigrants

    We hope that you feel better soon.and that all doctors do a great job.

    1. Heck, Lou, even the “Native Americans” were immigrants according to Pangaea. We are a country of proud citizens of every ethnicity. Our ancestors came here for a better life. We all need to abide by the laws of this country, though and that is the problem we are faced with today….illegal aliens who do not respect our laws.
      Wishing all the best to Geoff for a complete recovery.

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