Unexpected Email

It’s past 10:30 PM and an email from my surgeon’s assistant just showed up. She is my POC. My email left at 5:15 PM. I didn’t expect a response until tomorrow.

She easily answered our overthought query then added,

You do not need to worry about it, we will take care of everything. Try and have a nice weekend and I will see you Tuesday morning.

I never pondered being at this stage in this process until I got here. Who does? But the attention I’m receiving is reassuring. Remember, in SoCal no one knows me. They’re this nice to everyone.

So, I’ll try and follow the advice. I’ll try and have a nice weekend.

5 thoughts on “Unexpected Email”

  1. Following your journey there does seem to be a difference in the way things are handled there in California. My friend who had pancreatic cancer was not dealt with in the same manner – in other words, decisions seem to take much longer and with a disease like that I never understood well we’ll see you in 2 weeks type of scenario. The doctors just did not seem to proceed as quickly if that makes any sense. You seem to be in good hands, competent hands. So try and relax enough knowing that.

  2. Good Morning Geoff,
    I believe in the power of prayer , you are in my thoughts and prayers daily. You are in good hands I know Our Lord has you in his watch . You got this . I know it’s hard at times , worry try’s to sneak in, bug when it dies just say a little prayer , We all live you , Start looking at what you yet have to accomplish once you heal, look forward to the hinges you want to do . It becomes goals to mer and a driving force to motivate your healing . I wish you a wonderful weekend and a speedy recovery. We are praying and hope to get some sort of update on your progress from time to time .
    Love ya Geoff . We in Connecticut miss your daily input on the weather .
    Carlene Barabas

  3. It is a great feeling when you are comfortable with your doctors and they are responsive to your questions. Anything to ease the stress!

  4. Seems like you have a really great team of Drs. Isn’t it nice to be able to reach your dr and get an answer so quickly. Now take your dr advice , Rekax and enjoy the weekend.

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