Waiting To Explode

We’re on the final countdown to surgery. All systems are go for Tuesday at 7:30 AM. Still, as the clock ticks I have to tasks to perform. Tonight it’s the cleanse!

About 15 minutes ago I swigged most of a ten ounce bottle of Magnesium Citrate followed by a glass of water. The Magnesium Citrate tastes like cherry soda made with salt water. It’s pretty awful.

I was scheduled for surgery earlier and went through this then. Nothing happened. The Magnesium Citrate was a dud.

It could happen again. Probably not.

That’s probably enough info for now.

9 thoughts on “Waiting To Explode”

  1. Geoff thoughts and prayers are being sent your way as you start this journey. It will be a though battle but you can do it.❤️

  2. Saying prayers Geoff , you will be in my thoughts and prayers until you are well and telling us all about your journey. Fight like a warrior and keep stepping forward I see the day you will be back to doing the things you love most , and chatting with us all. We have your back, and all our love. You got this one Geoff . Sending thoughts and prayers your way.
    Connecticut lived you
    Carlene Barabas

  3. Happy Day before surgery !!! I look at it THIS way..tomorrow starts the first day of your recovery !!! So your only job today is “cleanse “, such a politically correct way to say poop your brains out and spend time with your family!! I just received a brand new knee and kneecap, and trust me, I know the scared part…but I also know you “Got this one” !!! Keep smiling and think positive thoughts !!! Will await your first ” pain pill endured feeling great ” posting tomorrow or Wednesday!!! Repeat after me: I HAVE GOT THIS !!!!!!

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