Why The Delay?

As you probably know my surgery scheduled for Tuesday was postponed.

As part of the standard pre-op procedure I received a stress test which led to two stents for blockages on my “widow maker” artery. It was a simple procedure performed with me awake.

The protocol for a stent calls for 30 days of surgical kryptonite in the form of an anticoagulant. When the anesthesiologist looked at my charts he balked at performing the surgery only 14 days in, though the cardiologist and surgeon had both agreed it would be OK.

This happened Monday late afternoon for a Tuesday early morning procedure. So, yeah I’m pissed because it was inconsiderate to wait until the last minute and of course I want this operation at the earliest possible moment. The new date is when it should originally have been scheduled.

The last few days have been difficult, first in anticipation of the surgery and now in making sure everyone is on the same page and in agreement.

October 11 is my new day. I report at 10:00 with surgery at noon. I wonder if it will be catered?

9 thoughts on “Why The Delay?”

  1. Geoff, Thanks for keeping us in the loop – we’ve calendared to pray pray pray for you on October 11th! Love, Your Beacon Falls Friends

  2. Geoff i had a stent put in Jan this year and i was told i needed to be on Plavix for one year. You might want to check that out first

  3. Geoff so happy to see that you have maintained your sense of humor. Positive attitude makes a big difference. I know how you are feeling. The anticipation is difficult. You are in my prayers. Not sure you get to read all of the comments, but I asked you to share the honor of being a survivor next June at the TPC Stroll for pancreatic cancer. I look forward to being there too. Every day is a gift!

  4. I’m a cancer survivor although I didn’t go through the trials that you have. The waiting is difficult, I know. All the extraneous details on your part, i.e. getting the family together, the cleanse, emotional and mental preparation, are difficult for you but in the end very worth it when you’re body is as prepared as it can be for what’s to come. I would suggest you take advantage of this time, as long as you’re feeling well, and enjoy the season. You will likely be down for a while after your surgery so enjoy the weather while it’s nice. Even in SoCal it can get nippy. You are in my prayers.

    Oh and btw, apparently YOU are the main course.

  5. I have been on anticoagulants since I was 27 after the birth of my son. Ten years ago I needed emergency surgery due to Cancer. My blood was thin at the time of surgery and I lost a lot of it. Came close to ringing the door bell at Heavens Gates. It sounds like you have awesome MD’s and trust me they know what they are doing. Yes, I wanted the Cancer out of me as fast as possible. I think what I am trying to say is that you learn “patience ” during this process and it is a process. You should know this from your Dad and all his surgeries.
    PT blood values don’t care about time or inconvenience to all involved. You learn to take one day at a time. In the hospital I sang “Put one foot in front of the other and soon you’ll be walking out the door!” Yes, sounds Corney but when you’re walking the halls gaining strength anything helps. Just sing it to yourself or you will end up on the Psych. Floor! Just Take a Deep Breath and go in with an attitude I have got this beaten. This time is for you and no one else! Things do happen for a reason.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you. Just a note: Feb 2016 no Cancer 9 years.

  6. My mom had two artificial heart valves and was on Coumadin (warfarin) but needed hernia surgery. Now it was our understanding that in bloodthinner patients the effects can be quickly reversed with Vitamin K in the event of emergency surgery, but since this was planned, she went off the (long acting) Coumadin and I had to give her injections of (short acting) Lovanox (I think it was called) in the belly for a few weeks prior. Despite that, when we brought her in prepped for the operation the surgeon decided her blood was still too thin and he cancelled it at the hospital!! Another couple of weeks of shots in the stomach! It’s a pretty delicate balance.

  7. I wonder if this like being an astronaut loaded into the capsule on top of a Saturn V, or into the Space Shuttle, and then seeing the launch scrubbed. It must have pissed them off, even while knowing that the technicians are only looking out for your safety. Geoff, when they finally give you the okay for launch, we are all there with you. Will you Skype this for us? 😀 Hugs!

  8. Geoff, I get why the date was changed to the 11th. You just wanted to share in my limelight. I’m having a biopsy done on my prostate. God bless us both and the rest of the family. Love you all. ❤️

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