Is This The Year?


Is this the year? Will 2016 be the year when someone from a TV crew dies or is seriously injured covering a hurricane?

My blood boils as I see reporters in windbreakers standing by the roiling surf, telling everyone how dangerous it is… where they’re standing… in a windbreaker. It makes it tougher to sell caution when TV highlights people taking irresponsible risks. Matthew is not a Disney attraction!

Over the years I’ve spoken to lots of people who stayed after mandatory evacuation orders were given. Not one said they wanted to do it again.

The force of wind changes exponentially with speed. A wind of 70 mph has four times the force as a 35 mph wind. Matthew’s top gusts will deliver 15 or more times the force of that 35 mph wind! The upper floors of high rise buildings on-the-beach will feel even more!

Persistent wind from the east will be drive water inland north of the storm’s center. Some barrier islands will be overwashed by flooding tides. Historically, flooding is America’s biggest threat from hurricanes and other tropical systems.

At this point it’s tough to believe anyone doesn’t know what’s coming. This storm has been well forecast and the warnings well publicized. Some people just aren’t as smart as they think they are.

HRRR for Matthew

7 thoughts on “Is This The Year?”

  1. Stupid idiots just want to get that first “on the scene” news bite. Not very smart. This hurricane is not the time to play top dog in broard casting.

  2. Geoff, As a lifelong weather geek, I completely agree with your concerns. It amazes me that all these years later I haven’t heard of any injury (or worse) to those reporting on hurricanes in the manner that you described. That said, I recall a moment on Ch 8 when Dr Mel was out in a storm and that worried me very much. But I know that he lived near the water and since I do as well – but in Woodmont- I understand his need to report on something that was truly close to him. He was…or it’s my assumption…a mensch and he knew what he was doing……but I felt that he was thoughtful and wouldn’t go out of his way to get himself injured for the sake of reporting a story that could have been a danger to his life. The Weather Channel group almost seems to be begging for a problem just for the sake of being on site and. displaying possible issues, danger be damned!

  3. Hi Geoff
    Totally agree with you and I wonder if a group of crew members will die from drowning. I have a question because I don’t ever recall seeing this type of pattern before. What do you think about Nicole effecting Matthew or better yet is it possible that Nicole might actually effect us? I have been looking for answers but I am just a small town girl who is not into the maps and weather devices but trying. There is really no reports on Nichole and what she will do. Any thoughts? You don’t have to answer as I understand your situation on Monday but figure you are probably watching to help keep your mind busy. Take care and sending heeling prayers to you Geoff. Your CT fans!

  4. My dear Mom still lives in the bunker of a house that we survived Hurricane Donna in…as well as grew up in.

    Let’s hope the old house is solid enough to take another hit. She’s a few miles inland near the Palm Beach International Cow Pasture (Airport).

    From the radar picture above, assuming it’s live, it looks like the center has moved north of the house…fingers crossed.

  5. Geoff – I agree with you – especially with today’s cameras everywhere. Forcing reporters to risk their lives is just plain awful. Also, as some have pointed out, it makes is harder to convince residents how dangerous it really is if a reporter- in a windbreaker- is out there!

  6. With the powerful lenses available to them, there’s absolutely no reason for the weather people to be at the edge of the surf. Unfortunately it’s all about them creating drama…..aka: ratings!

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