California Is The Proposition State


Here in California it’s possible to add or change laws without the legislature’s consent. Get around a half million signatures and you can see true democracy in action. Your proposition gets on the ballot. Everyone gets a vote!

In fact, a proposition approved by the voters can’t be changed by our elected lawmakers.

It all sounds like a good idea. It’s not.

In 2016 we have seventeen propositions on the ballot! There answer to, “Will there be a quiz on this,” is yes.

Today we received our ” OFFICIAL VOTER INFORMATION GUIDE ” It runs 222 pages of phone book thickness paper.

The guide seems very complete with three levels of detail for each proposition. Both proponents and opponents get to make their pitch.

Some of my choices are made easier by looking at who is for and against them. R. J. Reynolds and Philip Morris say “No on 52.” I’ll vote yes. $2.00 additional tax on each cigarette pack. You’re welcome.


I’m guessing most people 1) don’t read who’s paying for the ads 2) get whatever info they have from TV.

It’s going to take some time for me to absorb enough info to vote. How many others will make this commitment? This can’t be faked like an essay test. Some things are better left to the lawmakers we elect.


We’re being asked to restrict firearms and ammunition, the right of porn stars to work without condoms, whether the death penalty will continue to exist, legalizing recreational pot and a bunch of other major (and costly) decisions. I hope everyone guesses correctly.

3 thoughts on “California Is The Proposition State”

  1. Very interesting Geoff.
    What happens if someone doesn’t answer? Does it count as null? Does it include estimates for how much your taxes will be impacted if the item is approved?

  2. It is true democracy, but in reality….is this the right way? Ins’t this why we have elected officials. I guess there are good and bad sides to this coin. This idea may work great in CA, but I could see this being an issue…..especially when fear, hatred and ignorance come into the decision making…

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