Sweetest Thing Ever


The candidates were mid-debate when Doppler started barking. Unusual. I called out to Helaine to see if she needed help.

The next thing I knew Helaine was racing to my studio. There was someone at the door. It’s football day. We are appropriately attired for football not people.

I opened the door and there stood my neighbors and their children. They’d made cards and posters and they wanted to wish me well.


I started to cry.

“We moved to this area specifically because there were going to be kids. With kids there’s life,” I said.

This was a genuinely super sweet moment. I’m crying again.

26 thoughts on “Sweetest Thing Ever”

  1. Oh Geoff, what a beautiful gesture, especially during these Days of Awe. You moved to a wonderful neighborhood. May you be inscribed in the Book of Life, Geoff. L’shanah tova.

  2. Jeff, i am thinking of you and praying hard for you. You are going to do well with your surgery and you will be fine! it will be a bit rough but you will get thru it. I have a friend whose dad had the same thing and the whipple well over six years or more and he is fine and so will you be GOD BLESS you and take it one day at a time. WE will be with you all the way-please have someone keep us posted. HUGS

  3. What a wonderful moment! Showing once again that you are loved by so many. May I add my well wishes for your full and speedy recovery. Get well soon….we’re going to miss you on here❣

    1. We have a veritable United Nations here. It’s really wonderful because my neighbors are all people reaching for the American dream.

      The OC Register just reported Irvine (my city) people of Asian ancestry make up the largest ethnic group. We are the largest city in America with an Asian plurality.

  4. See? I know how those kids feel. I was that small when you were on tv. Who needs Santa?! We got Geoff Fox and we are better for it (plus you kept track of Santa)! You are awesome and this being sick sucks…you have a huge presence in our lives. You have adults like me who have known you since they were this young, still in touch with you because you’re likable and you like to teach us. I loved learning from you, still do. You were on air at the same time as Mr. Wizard, Mr. Rogers, Bill Nye the Science Guy. This kind act of love from the kids does not surprise me one bit. I wish I knew so I could send you some mail myself. Wonderful job kids for doing what 6 year old me would do, too.

  5. Wonderful night for you. Don’t you wish we all could go back to that time when we had that child like attitude and lived life to it fullest? How much better this world would be. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. I had to look at the picture when I read the line, “we are appropriately attired for football”….and yes you were. I see the teal green shirt #flyeaglesfly 🙂

    I continue to keep you and your family in my prayers.

  7. All the good vibes from your neighbors, and your friends across the US, will help get you through this. All of us wish we could send you a letter and a hug before you go for the procedure this week.

  8. Can you imagine if all of those of us that care so much
    about you knew where to mail good wishes to you knew
    your address- It would be the largest surge of deliveries
    The US Postal system has seen in years!! Truck fills
    and more for sure!! So glad you know just how many
    are with you and truly CARE!! Your neighbors know in
    2 years time and we in Connecticut know for years just how
    much you are thought of by us all!! We are ALL with you!!

  9. Now that’s a neighborhood!! Such sweet and thoughtful children. The kindness and joy of a child ….a wonderful medicine! (This blog brought on the tears) Wishing you the best as you tread along the road of healing.

  10. Hi Geoff,
    It seems those neighborhood kids can make anyone cry, even someone on the other side of the country.
    I just want you to know I am thinking of you and I am looking forward to hearing you describe the healing process. PEACE

  11. Dear Geoff,

    There is love and kindness in this world. So glad that you had a special opportunity to receive it from little children before your jaunt to the hospital.

    Keep that image in your mind, and don’t you dare turn on CNN.

    Positive thoughts, only!


  12. Geoff, best wishes to you and good luck tomorrow! I loved this story best of all! See how genuinely you are loved and appreciated wherever you go! Be sure Helaine posts when you are all done! Love and best wishes from CT! Evi

  13. Geoff,

    Hope all goes well tomorrow and you have a speedy recovery!!!
    And, yes, this made my eyes tear also….kids are the most innocent at that young age!

    Best wishes,
    Laura (New Haven/Wallingford)

  14. Ahhh, sweet youth….I’m envious….I want to live in your neighborhood, although ours is pretty special too…neighbors just brought dog treats for our pups because my husband helped them get back into their locked house during the hurricane…keep the faith tomorrow ..we ALL are thinking/praying/ hoping you well!!

  15. It made me cry too, with you, but also because I, also, have been on the receiving end. The month we moved into this home, our neighbor’s first child was born. A brother was added 2 years later. Despite both of their grandparents living in town, I was often the recipient of ‘mother’s day gifts. They helped me endure the grief of losing Mr.B. and supported me with gifts for my birthday. Both are teenagers now. I know long I have lived here, by the oldest’s birthdays.
    You will have their cards to get you through the days ahead—but also for years to come. My prayers are with you and to guide the doctor’s hands today. And you will have your “garden” to maintain when you come home. Also, the sound of children’s laughter when you are convalescing. Blessings all.

  16. Crying in Danbury as well.Such a sweet and loving gesture from the children and their families. Your positive attitude will serve you well in the coming days…and when/if you have any “down days” during your recovery just remember all the love coming your way. Prayers for all of you.

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