Not Driving The Dirty Car



I walk by my car on the way to Helaine’s car. It’s parked in front of the house 24/7.

Damn it’s dirty!

We’ve got lots of dust and pollen flying around here. The car looks like the before in a Simonize ad. Embarrassing.

For the past few months it’s hardly been used. Now, not at all. It will be three years old in December and it hasn’t turned 17k yet.

I stopped driving as I tried to control my early diabetes. Now… let’s just say I’m unsafe at any speed.

Over the years I’ve tried unsuccessfully to convince Helaine and Stef to drive my car(s). It’s fun and waiting at the curb. Neither will touch it.

It will stay dirty a while longer.

6 thoughts on “Not Driving The Dirty Car”

  1. Looks like you’re doing great. Excellent news. Keep it up. The car will still be there when you’re ready to hit the open road.

  2. Driving while you still have staples in is a big NO,NO, Geoff. If you were to get into, even a fender bender, not of your own fault, and the insurance company heard of your medical status–both the medical insurance and the auto insurance companies could deny your claims. You might get approval to drive after the staples are removed–depending how the inner healing is progressing–. So, just get a micro cloth and dust off the car–glad to see you doing so well-I’ve been awaiting word of your return home(and back on computer!

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