Monday’s Scare

My recovery from surgery and path toward chemo has had its ups and downs. With a long ‘zipper’ on my belly (ribs down past my navel) I am conscious of every breath. With a reconstituted digestive tract, indigestion or just non-specific stomach pain is the norm.

Today I added one more concern. While eating this morning I got light headed then collapsed to the floor.

First, I’m OK now. Second, we’re not sure what caused it. There are a few suspects.

Just before passing out I took my blood sugar trying to figure out what was happening. I saw 621 as I was going down… in my less than lucid state I had the meter upside down. It was actually a totally normal 129.

Helaine quickly rushed to my aid while Steffie, visiting for Halloween, called 9-1-1. She was steady and calm. Even in my limited state I was proud of her and what I was hearing.

A few minutes later four EMT/firefighters from the Orange County Fire Authority showed up in a fire truck. They were directly out of central casting. More importantly they were confident and charged right into taking control. These are the guys you want at your side when something like this happens.

My blood pressure started at 88/44, scarily low. I rebounded pretty quickly and was back to normal within a few minutes.

I was feeling a whole lot better by the time the ambulance arrived. All things considered though, a trip back to the hospital was right even though they found nothing.

The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent resting and seeing the trick-or-treaters. We have the most adorable kids in this neighborhood. I ended the day smiling.

As I type I’m feeling fine. It would be nice if this was my last scare. Wishful thinking?

10 thoughts on “Monday’s Scare”

  1. Syncable episode. Keep hydrated sounds like your BP and blood volume might have dipped. Try to stay hydrated when rising do it slowly hey it only been three weeks you have been hitting it hard. Step back re group and take it easy Geoff.

    1. Sal sounds like he knows what he’s talking about Slow down a bit. Hopefully this was just a scare for Halloween and that’s it.

  2. Getting up too soon will often cause the lightheaded feeling you described. I now get up slowly.
    Glad your day ended up better than it started. Take care Cuz on your long road to recovery.


  3. Geoff, you must get up slowly.I get that sensation at times also. It is a drop in blood pressure, just like you encountered. Stay strong!

  4. Oh my gosh what a scare for all of you! So glad all
    ended well…remember to get up slower next time, you
    just had a huge surgery! Positive thoughts sent your
    way Geoff.

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