Not A Great Day

Here’s my weird realization of the afternoon: None of my pain these past few months is actually from my cancer!

I walked into the hospital for my Whipple feeling better than I had in years! They fixed that.

Today was not a great day for me. Stomach upset dominated.

“Do you want to go to the doctor?” Helaine asked.

Not that bad. But after a while the discomfort becomes cumulative. A little tummy gurgling becomes the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Here’s my weird realization of the afternoon: None of my pain these past few months is actually from my cancer!

I walked into the hospital for my Whipple feeling better than I had in years. They fixed that.

I’ve had a bunch of procedures, major abdominal surgery, dozens of blood draws and sticky EKG tabs on my somewhat hairy chest. Each one hurts, some more than others. I am feeling the product of doctors and medicine, not my cancer.

You have to accept this fact if you’re going to participate. If you want to live longer you have to play with some pain. So far there’s been none beyond my ability to cope. I know I wear my bad days on my sleeve which is unfair to my family.

Helaine did a back-of-envelope calculation at dinner. If all goes well my chemo/radiation/chemo should end by May. I’ll still needed to be tested on a regular basis but things should calm down. Pancreatic cancer treatment never really ends.

In 50 years will we look back at my treatment the way we look at blood letting and leeches today?

7 thoughts on “Not A Great Day”

  1. No worries you’ve got this ,as with everything in life let alone an illness such as the one you have, yhere are ups and downs. Chin up Groff, you got this..hugs and prayers. ..Maritza from CT

  2. I think the analogy between blood drawing and leaches is right on. So many changes has taken place. You have a loving family, good doctors, a great attitude and great faith, with all these in place, you’ve got this. Prayers will continue for you, your family and your dad, he continues to be in my prayers.

  3. Geoff, you are entitled to a bit of complaining! You have been thru
    things no one can understand and you have been awesome about it all.
    Anyone can have a bad day here and there. You are doing WONDERFUL thru
    all of this. God bless you….

  4. Hi Geoff,
    Cancer is like the great game of Golf. Shit Happens❗❗
    Your gameplan will go up & down in a heartbeat. You will feel great for 2 weeks and for no apparent reason you will go through a living hell.

    All I can say is keep fighting, keep a positive outlook for as long as you can & live one day at a time❗❗

    Praying for a cure❗❗

    Allan Gaudet
    Groton, CT

    1. It’s not easy on the family either. It’s hard for family to have not control over what you’re going through. We habe to have faith in the doctors and hope they can help you beat this terrible desease.

      West Haven, Ct

  5. The truth is, only you know what you are going thru. Exception: people who have experienced it. The rest of us are bystanders and supporters. So. You can have as many grouchy days as you need. We are all here & glad you are posting us daily. Posting is a good thing for you and you are reaching many people, who if they didn’t know about pancreatic cancer, well they do now. On our end, your posts are a reminder for us to send positive vibes to you & your family & to let you know we all care.
    It will get better, remember that

  6. Cancer sucks…all types. I think the biopsy procedure for breast cancer is torture. Ripping live flesh out of your body with no numbing at all. It was worse than my lumpectomy. All archaic crap. There’s got to be a better way. All the best Jeff!! God speed.

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