Blood Work And The Oncologist

The doctor came in a few minutes later holding papers. “Your CEA is 1.2,” he said. Over time you learn the nomenclature. This afternoon CEA meant nothing.

Of all my doctors the most aloof is my oncologist. He seems like a learned man which I value greatly. He’s just not warm and fuzzy.

I was hoping his office had results from my blood drawn Wednesday. They had it, but the lab hadn’t given me all the tests requested. One more. Just five minutes. Roll up your sleeve.

And with that I set a new Geoff Fox out-of-hospital record for three IVs in three days!

The doctor came in a few minutes later holding papers.

“Your CEA is 1.2,” he said.

Over time you learn the nomenclature. This afternoon CEA meant nothing.

“It means we see no cancer.”

OMG. He said that.

I mentioned the recent articles I’d read about KRAS and breakthroughs close enough to taste. I asked if I’d live long enough to benefit?

“You might not even need them,” he deadpanned.

Holy shit. Seriously. Holy damn shit. He said I’d live.

My treatment will continue. Chemo and radiation will keep me busy for six months. We must make sure as much can be killed as is possible.

The problem with pancreatic cancer is it never fully goes away. My body has a genetic disposition to produce these rogue cancer cells. It’s produced them before. It can produce them again.

I don’t think it’s possible to have gotten better news than I got today.

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  1. Awesome!!! Those cheers you hear are from all of us in Connecticut- hope that helps you get through the treatments over the next few months.

  2. Great news Geoff! You have some great doctors! That is just so amazing!
    Very happy holidays to you and yours! Especially Doplar- she’s your wing girl for when you’re not feeling well!
    Thumbs up

  3. Absolutely amazing! you have been blessed and we are all very happy for you and your family. Keep going Geoff. We knew you could and would do it! .

  4. Congratulations!!! Amazing!!! Fantastic news!!!I have tears of joy for you and your family right now. Prayers will continue <3

  5. Prayers work !!! Fantastic news Geoff !!! Now you ca’t ask for any better news than that 🙂
    Hugs your wife and daughter and have a wonderful Christmas

  6. Geoff,

    Just taking a quick look at Facebook in the middle of doing some other things and I saw your post. I’m so glad to hear it, its really wonderful news.

    That’s about all except to note that in Baltimore it seeming a lot like Winter. Lows in the low to mid 20’s last night and tonight and probably for a few more days as well. Much as I don’t like the cold weather, (more so as I get older)I’ve lived in a lot colder places, as you know. Funny how the progressive cold weather sort of prepares you. I was out today, its was in the mid-30s and somewhat windy and I was just fine with it. A month or so ago I would have been shivering, dressed exactly as I was today. You get the idea.

  7. CONGRATS! Best news of the day! Tell those cells to keep up the good work, and in the words of Spock: “Live long & prosper”

  8. This is such great news Mr. Geoff. Looks like Sunny days are ahead for you. What a thrill. We use to watch you when you did he weather here in Connecticut. You sure kept the weather segment bubbly and exciting. There was never a dull moment with your broadcasting. I feel for you and will keep you in uplifted prayers Mr. Geoff. The news is certainly something to smile about and be graciously thankful. Thanks for your updates; much appreciated. Now have a good weekend Geoff Fox 🙂

  9. Geoff, that is such awesome news!Keep up the positive attitude, its working! This truly is a blessing for Hanukkah for you and your family 🙂

  10. GEOFF!!
    This news is so incredible!!! I can’t even tell you HOW happy I am for you and your loved ones … AND ME because it means your live FB feeds will continue for awhile (I hope)!
    I’m sure I started watching you right at the beginning of your career on Ch 8 New Haven and continued to follow you. It seems as though you’re a part of our family!
    There are fine weathermen in CT now, but none that truly educate us with weather and science information. I miss that.
    Hoping for continued great news … I’m going to be spreading it to all my family who have loved you through the years, too. Many prayers and much love to you and yours.

  11. OMG Geoff, I am crying happy tears!!! What WONDERFUL news!!!! I am sure your positive attitude and all the prayers and love coming your way has done wonders. We will never stop praying for continued good health and good news!!! Praise GOD!!!!! xoxoxox

  12. We’re all lifting you up…amazing how one year, one week, one DAY might be the difference, isn’t it? Keep fierce!! We got your back!!

  13. So, so happy to hear the good news. You have been through so much lately, you certainly deserve a break. Praying that you will get through the next few months without too much adversity. Lets hope that port keeps working.

  14. So many happy people since this was your fantastic
    news!! Your attitude, the huge positive energy constantly
    sending your way from people everywhere and prayers
    bringing this terrific news-and we will all continue to
    keep it up Geoff!!

  15. I am actually in Irvine for a bar mitzvah. You have settled in to a beautiful area. Wishing you continued improvement and I hope reports keep getting better. Mazel Tov. From Rockfall,CT

  16. Great news, Geoff. Just remember, after all the treatment stops–you must continue with your follow ups. Even if they don’t send you a reminder, you will need to call in. Don’t just assume, as one of my family members did, that they don’t want to see you—computers get fouled up and many a record has been lost or omitted from the update. Keep up the good work.

  17. What a wonderful gift. The Lord blessed you Keep the faith Enjoy life even if it’s just a laugh. Sometimes that’s all you need. Merry Christmas. And a Blessed New Year

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