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New Haven Register Front Page December 18, 2016
New Haven Register Front Page December 18, 2016

Thanks to Randy Beach of the New Haven Register for Sunday’s front page story. He was much too nice — seriously.

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  1. I am surprised that it wasn’t on the Naugatuck Patch, as it had been, on several occasions, before your surgery. I’ll have to try and pick it up from the Register. Like I mentioned, a couple of posts ago, you are looking good and seem to be maintaining some activity–like who hikes or walks 3 miles while doing chemo? Wish I had the cure for “turning off” the worry button—I can sympathize with you there.

  2. That was a really good article. I agree that you do have a great outlook on it and I know all to well how this awful disease can affect everyone…Blessings to you and Helaine.

  3. Geoff was very pleased to see you
    featured on the front of the Register
    yesterday giving people that have not known what happened to you since you left CT the opportunity to
    catch up with you. Also people that
    are afflicted with various serious
    diseases, your attitude to gain strength from. Randy Beach did a good thing for a wide reaching segment of people highlighting your
    story this way!!

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