The Gift

The bell

Sometimes the smallest gifts are the best. That’s how it worked for me this year. My Christmas stocking contained a wrapped, oddly shaped, metallically rigid, something.

It was a bell. It was the kind of bell used to summon someone. It was mine.

I looked at Helaine. “Thank you.”

She looked back. “Use it once and I’ll kill you.”

It’s the thought that counts.

7 thoughts on “The Gift”

  1. Very useful. During my mother’s illness we used two plug-in doorbells. One was plugged in the basement to summon me upstairs. The button for the second one was mounted in her bathroom and the receiver was plugged in my bedroom in case she needed me (especially handy during the night). I got the tip from a friend who used to use one to call her teenage son out of his bedroom!!

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