Chemo Kicked My Ass

I tolerate chemo better than most. That being said, it’s kicked my ass again this weekend.

The Gemzar that’s dripped into my vein is a toxin. It says it right on the label.

Chemotherapy is expected to do bad things. That’s why the first step in my chemo treatment is a blood test to make sure I’ve recovered from my last session. Next comes steroids and other fun stuff to keep nausea down.

My chemo sessions themselves aren’t too bad. Once I’m attached all I feel is the passage of time. They put me in a lounge chair. I bring a tablet and headphones and listen to classical or 70s pop (not weird me). Once I close my eyes I fall asleep.

The bad stuff comes two days later. We’ve actually planned for this, scheduling my sessions for Thursdays and saving the weekend for the aftershock.

My Channel 8 New Haven friend, (now editing here in SoCal) Larry Fitzgerald, was visiting yesterday when my strength started to go. It was gradual. He left early and I went to right to bed. That’s where I was much of the next twenty hours.

I’m not sleepy anymore, but I’m still very weak. It’s most noticeable while walking. It’s as if I’ve got weights on. My legs aren’t going as far with each step. My knees aren’t coming up as high.

Judging by past experience full recovery comes later this evening or tomorrow morning. None of this is unexpected. Of my five sessions this is the third time it’s gotten to me.

After describing my post-chemo days to my oncologist, he said I tolerate it well. I don’t necessarily disagree. We’re looking for the last possible cancer cells. If this is the worst, I can take it.

Chemo again Thursday then a 3-4 week pause before radiation. Looks like I won’t run out of things to write about soon.

10 thoughts on “Chemo Kicked My Ass”

  1. Ive kn u so many yrs,by news 8 and meeting u a few times. I’m so sorry u hv to go thru this,but that’s life. We r all thinking of u,and wish u all the best. I’m gld ur able to keep us in touch,and let us kn how ur doin. Pls keep in touch,and wish u the best.Ray in ct.

  2. It doesnt sound like so much fun& games but from what you write it’s no doubt the best path….wishing you easier days ahead,this is a long road but it’s the only choice you have…..thanks for keeping me up to date….hoping for the best possible outcome for you…bless you, Geoff..

  3. Thanks for the update Geoff, always have you in prayer mode. Tomorrow my urologist will have a follow-up looksie at my bladder to see if it’s still clear of any polyp from the one he removed a few months ago. Then in a couple of weeks I’ll have foot surgery to further correct the injury from four years ago. I won’t be very mobile for several months.

    That’s all I have going on healthwise Geoff, not as scary as what you have going on, but worrisome enough for this otherwise prime human specimen.

    Much good thoughts your way Geoff!

  4. I am pleased to be one of many East Coasters in your corner and wishing you well, Geoff. Great seeing you on your live Facebook feed last week. – Pete Miller, Connecticut

  5. Chemo is no joke take care of yourself sleep rest and stay hydrarated ! I went thru it twice first set was easy 2nd time not so much hang in there

  6. Geoff,
    You’re following in my footsteps, I hope. Reading about your reaction to chemo – brings it back. We too opted to save the weekend for recovery. Geoff, if you haven’t spoken to anyone about Cyberknife radiation, please do so. I had 3 sessions and it was miraculous. I was diagnosed in July 2013 and in remission by April 2014. A three year survivor – praying that your outcome will be positive too.

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