Another Visitor From The East

Barry Schulman came by today. It was another in our series of “as long as we’re in California” visits.

Don’t stop. I love them. People visit California a lot (though this is rainy season).

I know Barry because he once tried to hire me and once succeeded in hiring me. He was director of programming at SciFi who brought me on for Inside Space. You might have seen Barry’s name flash by on Great Performances and other PBS cultural programs where he was a network executive.

Like so many in ‘the biz’ we have mutual friends. That means good gossip. And I got to show off my studio. I like doing that.

We went to In-N-Out. That’s where I snapped the selfie. We even learned what “animal style” is.

Barry’s one of those people I sense could easily enjoy life out here. He heads east in the morning.

2 thoughts on “Another Visitor From The East”

  1. I loved Inside Space, still miss it. You were terrific on that show. Glad friends are stopping by to see you and so happy to see you’re feeling well enough to meet up with them. Keep going, Geoff.

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