Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Hair cut Thursday. Heading to Milwaukee early tomorrow.

Helaine: “Why does your hair have a part? You don’t wear a part.”

OK, so maybe my mind was elsewhere as Jennifer cut and styled away today. It will be fine tomorrow.

I spent a lot of time on medicine today. That included trading emails with my oncologist’s office, trying to get script written for pills I now need, scheduling my consultation appointment for radiation and trying to help a company incorrectly billing me $2,600 for pathology work (it’s covered — seriously) see the error of their ways.

I got a frantic text this afternoon from Melissa, my niece. She’ll be picking Stef and me up at MKE.

“Unfortunately, Charlie has a cold.”

Charlie is my 2 ½ year old great-niece. Wild horses couldn’t keep me away.

My oncologist’s physician’s assistant says masks are overrated. This was after Helaine bought anti-bacterial masks. They’re coming to Milwaukee.

The best defense, she said, is to keep my hands clean. Helaine found a TSA acceptable bottle of hand sanitizer, now packed with my diabetes kit.

Speaking of which, tomorrow is my first time in an airport since my surgery. There’s a card in my wallet that attests my “implant” is medical. They’ll need to know. I’ll tell them about my lancets and syringes too. I come fully equipped.

Stef and I are traveling separately tomorrow. She will fly non-stop from LAX. I will avoid LAX. My plane stops in San Francisco where I shouldn’t have to change planes. You never know. On the way back I transfer in Vegas.

Temps should be mild in Milwaukee this weekend. Well, mild for Milwaukee.

Meanwhile here in SoCal I’ll be missing potentially our most potent winter storm since 2010. Lots of rain. Flooding. Slides. Traffic.

5 thoughts on “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow”

  1. Bon voyage Geoff. Enjoy being with
    your Dad again!! I’m sure it will do
    both of you good and when He can
    actually be with you and see how
    well you look and are doing in person it will light up his life!! Pix
    of him please and let him know a
    lot of people think of him and care
    how He is too!!

  2. Bon Voyage Geoff. Enjoy every
    minute!! Your Dad will light up
    when you are together and He
    can see for himself after all this time how well you look and are doing.
    Please let him know many people
    still think of Him and care how
    He is doing too so pix with him

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