OK — So What Does It Mean?

CT scan yesterday. Results today.

Waiting today was tough. There are only two results: Oh shit and OK for now.

Pancreatic cancer is considered incurable. It’s never really gone.

Incredible news! Unfortunately it changes nothing.

I’m still undergoing chemo in another 3-4 weeks. There will be more scans once or twice a year. And every time I will worry as I did today.

This is the surprising part of cancer. You can cure it, but you never get rid of it.

13 thoughts on “OK — So What Does It Mean?”

  1. Geoff Fox, From my scant scanning of reading about pancreatic cancer, the core contributor is smoking – that said – what else causes the despicable disease?

  2. Wonderful news, Geoff – I’m very happy for you! Now, move forward and embrace each day that God gives you – each day is a blessing!

  3. Geoff it’s always in the back of your mind. But you learn to move on with your life and not let it paralyze you. I’ve had almost 3 years and now it has resurrected. So now I have started the battle still believing that God will help me through this and still continue to enjoy every day I can with my family and friends.

  4. That’s for sure. Seems like even though the cancer is gone, it is still there forever because it can pop it’s ugly face again anytime.
    Great news for you though, congratulations!

  5. Hi Geoff great news ! Embrace everyday as your last cherish the moments enjoy life and don’t let the little things bother you. We don’t know why these things happen and we don’t have answers. I just hope that oneday we will get to find out why. I am a 3 time cancer survivior myself I feel that I am blessed to still be here by the grace of god. As I writing to you a close family member is dying from this horrible disease called cancer he has pancreatic losing his battle which he has been fighting for almost 3 yrs now he has been a true warrior. Unfortunately the cancer war is winning another one will we be adding to the stastics. Stay strong and positive and continue good health and god speed to you…

  6. Looks like good news to me, Geoffrey! And, without question, you are a “Glass is half full” type of person.

  7. Geoff, it’s a fugly disease. Always there in the shadows waiting to rear it’s fugly head again. Stay positive, embrace each day with new graces and blessings. We wish you well. love your family and your furry kids. Beat the crap out of it so that the ones behind you can get just one more day that they did’nt have because you walked through your fire and survived. keep at it Geoff. Bless you and yours, and Thank You.

  8. Hi Geoff, so glad you’re winning with this health issue. My wife, Laurie, is a survivor of stage4 Melanoma. She had a 10% chance and now 6 years later, looking great. We take no chances so she scans every 6 to 8 months. She worries every scan so I know your concerns quite well. I’m sending lots of good wishes to you, my dear friend of more than 45 years. Thanks for keeping us informed on your situation. Love to you always.

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