I Usually Don’t Write at 5:36 AM

I am awake. Why not? I’ve been in bed mostly for the last 30 hours. Welcome to my final post-chemo weekend.

It actually hasn’t been too bad. Mostly fatigue. Mostly treated with bed rest.

My stomach acted up for a little bit, but a pill delivered by Nurse Helaine fixed that.

We really go at this in a much more organized and thoughtful way than when we first started. The idea is to keep me from dehydrating or having my blood sugar go too low. I’m already weak. Other problems can spiral quickly.

Tipped off by the sound of an upstairs flush, Helaine checked on me every few hours. I survived the weekend mostly on English Muffins with strawberry preserves and ice water in a red cup with a straw.

I’ve been up close to an hour now but my body is giving me the signs to pack it in. It’s not just my eyelids getting heavy — everything is! My arms and legs are a burden to move.

So far this weekend I’m down around 6 pounds.

I’m not going to miss chemo one little bit.

10 thoughts on “I Usually Don’t Write at 5:36 AM”

  1. God bless you Geoff……so glad you are done! You worked very hard to come out on top of this, hoping this weekend passes quickly for you and it’s only good stuff for you from now on!!

  2. Your are now seeing a light at the end of that long tunnel. You are a survivor ❤️. Now to move on with your life you’ve got this beaten.

  3. Great job, Geoff! Your the best. I was glad that the chemo was done, too. Never wanted to have it again. So far, 18 years have gone by and I’m good. Hopefully the same will be there for you. Your are the best weather man around even if you do live in California now! Take care, stay well. I know that your nurse Helaine will take the best care of you and you will take the best care of her when this situation is all done! It’s going to take a while before you are back to 100%! Best to you and yours!

  4. Yay! So glad you’ve reached the “finish line” for your chemo treatments…hope you NEVER have to go there again! When you’re feeling up to it, you & Helaine more than deserve to go out for a fab celebratory dinner, for all you’ve both been through. Between that, and Helaine’s baking, I’m sure you’ll gain those 6 pounds, and more, back. Will always miss you & your weather reports, here in CT! God Bless!

  5. Congratulations, you survived your chemo with actually very little discomfort. Now praying that you survive clean of cancer with a long and happy life!!!

  6. Congrats on completing the Chemo. I have prayed for you and my warrior friend Cynthia Bates Wright. Diet, Energy and Focus on living now. Miss no moments!
    Happy Summer!
    Bonnie Kim Campbell

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