We’re A Week In

“You know, it really does feel like 11:15.”

That was Helaine’s observation as I passed her on my way upstairs to change into pajamas. She’s right.

It’s Friday. The news runs just 15 minutes with an expanded sportscast next.

I was out of my suit by 8:17 Pacific Time.

This last week on WTNH scrambled my circadian rhythm just a little. It’s now nine thirty. It feels like midnight.

“Maybe we should set all the clocks to Eastern,” she said.

To do this right you need to be immersed, but it probably doesn’t help that I’m Straight Outta Chemo.

I watch a little of the news. I listen to it all. My earpiece is connected to a phone dialed into one of News 8’s IFB lines. The producers and I chat a little before my hits. Most often asked: “How long do you need me to go?”

On most days weather is collapsible or expandable on demand. News breaks. Stuff runs long… or short. I’m very flexible.

Phil is also there. “Mic check, Fox,” Phil will say, then add. “How are the girls?”

Next week I’m going to ask the producers if they do anything different just because I’m far away? I don’t think so.

A week in and as far as I can tell no one really cares that I’m in California. Thank you. I was hoping for that.

27 thoughts on “We’re A Week In”

  1. Well maybe a little bit we mind you live in Cali, mostly we are happy to see you for six more weeks. Your supporters are very happy you are on the mend from the cancer crisis. We are also happy to see Doppler, who’s a little cutie.

  2. So glad to see you back on the local news in CT. You were missed! I appreciate your friendly, comfortable and informative reporting style. Remembering fondly your science program, and hoping you’ll bring it back. Best wishes for your return to good health.

  3. Love watching you again, it brings back many memories of being with family. We would watch you every night and comment the next day on your weather report. You were usually spot on. You look marvelous and I hope you get used to this schedule. Good luck.

  4. I thought the show was seamless. And, as I have already said it is way cool that you can be broadcasting 2,000 plus miles away in your studio in Irvine and we here in Connecticut get to feel like you’re still living in Hamden. It was the BEST decision News 8 made and I am sure their ratings got a boost because of it.
    All of us love your warm, friendly and sometimes humorous approach to doing the weather – not to mention the way you impart weather knowledge from time to time.
    Glad that you a) beat the crap out of pancreatic cancer and b) are doing what you love to do right in your own studio. By the way I am super impressed with how tech savvy you are and the ability to put this together pretty much on your own!

  5. It feels like it is the way it should be with you giving the weather! We can’t tell you’re in CA it all seem so normal! I’m glad your back Geoff!

  6. Ha! I don’t think anyone even knows you’re in California, shh, don’t tell ’em. You look amazing, your forecasts have been spot on, plus entertaining, as always, and watching you brings us back to “the good ole days”. Wish Ch 8 would keep you here permanently. Carry on ……..

  7. I don’t care that your in California cuz to me your still here in Ct. All I’m hoping for is that your back for good. Your the best Geoff. Been waching you since the 80’s so your like family to me. Take care of yourself as you are still recovering. ❌⭕️❌⭕️❤️

  8. Came downstairs the other day, my office is upstairs in my house. My wife was reading a magazine, I was thinking we should talk about dinner. Got to the bottom of the stairs and she shushed me before I walked in. Heard your voice first, then paused to see the rest of the forecast on ‘TNH. It was all done “as if”…. the inflection, the “we” and “around here” tossed in like always. You finished, tossed to the anchors… I looked at my wife and said, “it just seems so… normal.”

  9. Great to have you back in Ct,….it’s like you never left.I will watch 8 as long as you are there…Do they yet realize what a gem you are?..

  10. It was a wonderful surprise to see you back on Channel 8 weather Geof! I’ve been watching Channel 8 since the late 1950’s, and you and Dr. Mel were the best of the best. I love how your weather reports often share weather science and weather history tidbits. My wife Jody and I are so happy you are feeling better. And we did not even realize you were broadcasting from Cali! Welcome back to the Connecticut air waves Geof!

  11. Loving it! I was amazed the first day when someone said you were coming on but someone else spoke first. For all these years I said – that’s not Geoff. Recognized your voice right away. So good to see and hear you! Prayers continue for good health!

  12. I’m really enjoying your prescense in my life….as it should be. Very happy to watch and hear you …so familiar and comforting.
    Delighted to know that you’re on the mend….coming back from all of your unbelievable miraculous treatment…good wishes to you on your recovery.
    Zei Gazunt , Geoff…..so many great years ahead of you

  13. Great job Geoff!
    I watch every night glad your back. You look good keep up the good work, I followed your cancer treatment. Stay rested, eat well and you have such a great attitude thats what will get you through. God bless! Can’t wait for next week!

  14. Heard your voice as I was rushing around tending to my three kids on summer vacation.. I never stop and watch the news ..I heard your voice and find myself Hurrying to the sofa to see and hear you and your weather forecast.. I felt 7 years old again with that same strong hopefulness feeling., but this time was hoping for a beautiful warm sunny day vs a major snow storm and no school.. the power you have to draw in your audience is incredible! There in my adult living room was myself 38 year old self and my kids.. was bittersweet moment for me ..brought back great memories that I forgot.. I use to sit on the couch with my parents and siblings 30 years ago ..my parents passed away and just wanted to say thank you ! Even though we’ve never met you , we all loved you and you always had such a special place in our home! You have such a contagious welcoming bright personality.Really missed that especially with all the bad news today!

  15. Very glad it is going so well, Geoffrey! PS – Over 4 inches of rain here on the Cape Friday PM – the heaviest rain I have ever seen! Yikes!

  16. Very happy to see you Geoff! You certainly keep things interesting!! 🙂 Most of all, I’m happy to see you healthy!! God bless!!

  17. It doesn’t matter to us that you are in CA. It’s just nice to see your face again. However, we do miss your tomato garden on the roof of the WTNH building!!

  18. Great job Geoff. Wish you could stay forever. With Fred coming back from vacation, when will you be doing the weather, the next six weeks?? Also, when you say “don’t go to sleep yet”, I think you should do this segment with your pj’s on. How cool would that be? Looking forward to the next six weeks.

  19. Oh, frabjous day! Kaloo! Kalay! (w/ thanks to Lewis Carroll)!
    It’s must-see-tv! Love that you look like you’re right in the studio in CT! Love hearing and seeing you! Love what everyone above has said about you: warm, humorous, spot on with the weather, and, yes, part of the family! I hope everyone is emailing or texting or… WTNH to tell them how deliriously happy we are that you’re back!

    Great that you’re “straight out of chemo!” Be sure to be wise about self-care.

    Blessings with you and your family (including Doppler, of course!)

    Ravenswood Girl 😉

  20. Great job. Everything just flows & works perfectly.
    I watch you every evening at 5 pm. I’.m betting channel 8
    has more people tuning in. ( i, for one, was not a regular watcher of local news until i knew you were returning )
    Thanks for coming back!

  21. Geoff. Great job making channel 8 sorry they “didn’t invite you back”. I am quite sure their comment box is stuffed full of complementary notes about your return. I’m a techie like you, and I can pick up on the 7mS delay between studios, but most people can’t. You are coming across flawlessly, and any lack of stamina is drowned out by your persistent enthusiasm. Hundreds of us, maybe thousands are wishing you well, and hoping to hear the word remission. If you were offered a job, would you come back home to CT to work? I know that would make many, many very happy. Let’s hope for good health first, then we can mob the station clamoring for your return.
    Feel better,

  22. There isn’t anything I can say to top what has already been sai, except,”Just keep keepin’ on”…both health wise and broadcasting for WTNH. We have missed you.!

  23. Love that your back, started watching wtnh again because of it. I dont see why anyone would mind where you live. We just wanted tour friendly demeanour and sense of humor back. Welcome back Geoff!!

  24. I don’t think that the people who didn’t know you from before, even realize that you are in Calif. The slight delay in switch overs happens when reporters are on the street, etc., so we are used to it. Now a shot of your Irvine garden might give them a clue. Hearing the temp and humidity in Palm Desert was neat, and reminiscent of days gone by. Hope the wild fires don’t go further south. It is just so good to see you up and about, doing what you do best. It is going to be a good summer, with our “old”(just kidding) friendly weatherman ‘back here’ in the East. We are enjoying our ‘unusual’ summer weather, so far. By the way, No more lifting of those sand bags–I cringed when you did that and hoped you’d still be standing when you put it down!

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