Empty Nest: The Tweet Are Gone

Tweet family home, circa 2017.

I just walked over where the Tweet family used to live. They’re empty nesters now, literally! They’ve flown the coup.

We read up on Mourning Doves. All this is expected. The Tweets took a day or two longer at each stage than most. More time for us to observe. There is a stepladder positioned in front of the tree. We were dedicated.

The doves were still in the neighborhood a few days ago. I saw the kids up on a wall. Two days ago the four of them were on-the-ground. The twins were being taught to find and eat seeds. Mourning Doves spend lots of time walking.

The nest is is good shape. It’s possible mom will be back to lay her next clutch of eggs. It’s also possible she felt the Foxes were a little intrusive and they’ll search elsewhere.

Having birds choose our easily accessible tree to build a nest and raise chicks was really, really cool.

7 thoughts on “Empty Nest: The Tweet Are Gone”

  1. Ohhhh. It’s too bad that my girls did not get a chance to meet them yet. It is pretty cool to have them so close to you. Hopefully the mother will come back.

  2. We also had a family of doves. They nested above a pine cone wreath at our front door. THEY DID RETURN FOR A SECOND YEAR. (Woops I hit the lock key) but they did not return this year.

  3. I have morning doves that come down to my yard for snacks. I do not know where the nest is or if there are babies but they are here every spring and summer.
    Missed for weather!r today and last night. Should have paid attention, my outside seat got soaked. I listened tonight and everything is covered! I am going to have to pay more attention! We seem to have more rain showers this year. Have a great day/night!

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