The Crazy Insurance Problem

I’m going to tell you about my insurance problem, but you’re probably not going to believe me.

It is impossible to get a statement of my account! There’s none on the website. There’s none anywhere.

My suspicion is even they don’t know for sure who did what to me and when.

Make no mistake, this insurance policy has served me well. I have paid for drugs and not much else.

Actually it’s drugs where the problem lies. My insurer allows some drug charges directly billed by the provider. The insurer never enters these charges in their books (or so it seems). I’m not sure they’re even told I’ve been billed.

If these outside charges put me above my cap, charges to me should stop. I don’t think they do/did.

And, again, there’s no way for me to see an accounting of the services provided or how much was paid. It’s crazy.

It’s possible I struck gold today in my call with Brandy at Blue Shield. She sounded excited to do the sleuthing. I’ll report back later.

7 thoughts on “The Crazy Insurance Problem”

  1. If you don’t get any results with anthem. Go to the DOI, department of insurance I’m sure they would be more than happy to help you .

  2. Good Luck. Hopefully you spoke to a Rep. at your insurance company that actually knows how to solve your problem. There are still a few good Reps. who understand whatever your problem is. Let us know how you make out.

  3. I had a big problem with my insurance–it only paid 20,000 dollars for all of my chemo and radiation. I was not able to work until 6 months when I was done with the chemo. Still owed a lot of money and at the time no help back then. I know there is help now. I took out a loan from my bank to pay the balance that was owed. All paid now though! Take care, Geoff things will work out! Barb

  4. Hi Geoff,
    This is Florence Cappelli. I told you I was going to have Whipple surgery. Well I did and it went well. Still in the hospital at Yale. I haven’t seen a bill yet either for the presurgey procedures. I hope I’m not in for a shock when it comes.

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